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  • Actress with all of the "IT" qualities of Katharine Hepburn.

    Megan Follows lights up the screen with her vibrance. Her performance in the "Anne (with an E) of Green Gables" was magnetic. She captures the essence of the character and time period pulling one into the setting of a Victorian Canada. As I watched each episode, like a good book that is hard to put down, Megan left one looking forward to the next and wanting more when the series was complete.

    I have begun to follow Megan's performances in other rolls thanks to DVR and the search capability of satellite TV programing. The quality of the writing for her rolls is not always that of the Anne roll, but she is able to bring that Katharine Hepburn "IT" presence to the screen. It will be hard to wait for her "World Without End" TV series in 2012. One would hope that Megan will begin to find her way into more big screen productions in the near future. Until then I will look forward to her TV series and movie work.
  • Megan follows love it all

    She is one of the best actors!!!!! Absolutely loved her in Reign!!!!!!!!!!!