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  • Love You Megan

    Just watch the movies Transformers Revenge of the Fallen and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and become the die hard fan of Megan Fox. She is simply awesome and want to see her in more movies. Love you "Megan"
  • I love Megan Fox

    She look awesome with or without makeup..
  • Megan fox is HOT!!!!

    There is only one word to describe Megan Fox is that she is HOT. She is a descent actress too, but I mostly know about her because a lot of my friends think that she is hot too. So I am not the only one. Another awesome thing about Megan Fox is that she is a great actress. I know I talked about this before but, she really is good. If you were a moive director, you should hire Megan Fox. Megan Fox's good looks and amazing talents she must be hard to get a hold of because she must be so busy.
  • Overrated actress.

    I have to say that while Megan Fox is hot, she is very much an overrated and poor actress, in my opinion. I don't think she has been very versatile in her ability to act and she has played more to the camera then to her own work. I will say she is very pleasing to look at, that I will say. But I still am one of those people who thinks that actors and actresses should be the total package. Megan Fox lacks the acting ability and I feel she is vastly overrated. That is just my view on it all. Thank you.
  • Megan Fox

    Her latest movie Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen, was a smash hit it is number nine at Top Box Office Of All Time (USA). She is A really good actress and is really pretty. She is pretty nice. She is also gonna start in another movie I think she is gonna be a good actress in that movie. If there's another Transformers 3 or something I will see it because of the movie and because of her. Really good actress love the movies she does and the way she acts. Good Luck with your movies and act better and better every time. :) :D
  • Megan Fox if pretty much the hottest actress in Hollywood right now. Gorgeous woman!

    A peek at the psyche of Megan Fox.. a quote from her: "I'm kind of a recluse. I'm a hermit and it's because I do have a great fear of Hollywood, just watching what it does to people. You have to be a really strong human being to survive it, as a girl especially. So I try to avoid the Hollywood scene as much as possible and people who enjoy the Hollywood scene -- that's usually a red flag to me. Some people might think my life is boring, but I haven't been to rehab yet, so I think I'm doing something right!"
  • empty

    THE most beautiful woman on earth, to start. she has shown this in all of her movies/tv parts. however, we have (now especially) seen her is serious acting jobs like Transformers. this was very crucial and important to her career in acting. she excelled to very high standards in the movie and should have a great career. her and shia should continue to team up in the future!
  • She is so beautiful and talented

    Megan Fox is a talented and very beautiful actress, I've seen her in a few movies including Transformers, and Confessions of a teenage drama Queen, as well as an episode of Two and a half men, which even then she was incredibly beautiful.

    Megan is not all looks, she can act as well, I enjoyed watching her in Transformers she shows that she does have a bit of a personality in her and her and Shia have great chemistry together, and I hope she is in the sequel.

    She is a rising young actress and as long as she doesn't end up like some of these other actors she will be a big star.
  • empty

    I like her in Transformers and I must admit that she is very gorgeous. I especially like her acting, she was quite funny at times and she was also a good addition to the film. I think that she is a good actress and I hope to see her in future projects, because really I think that she has one great acting talent.
  • Absolutely gorgeous and abundantly talented.

    Megan Fox is obviously one of the most gorgeous young actresses today by anyone's standards. But she also has already proven herself to have great acting ability. She has, in her short resume, already done both drama and comedy and is great at both. She is being greatly underused in the comedy "Hope & Faith". The best episodes of this struggling show are the ones featuring Megan i.e. the tongue piercing, the Halloween "grape", the Frat House party, to name just a few. I believe this young beauty could star in her own show, but is definitely a plus to any show as a co-star,
  • be-a-utiful. thats all i need ot say.

    i love her on hope and faith. so rebelious, rawr. My sister made me watch it, by the way. I mean look at her, what more could you ask for. She surfs too, how sweet is that. I'd love to go surfing with her anyday. That be a true fantasy come true. Oh, baby!
  • Okay we all know she's good looking but hey what about her skills?

    Well Meagan Fox is sure to be big soon I'm sure she'll get a few movie contracts and be out there. She's pretty funny at times and Hope and Faith has proven she's a solid actress. She's still in the unknown right now but it won't be long before the whole country is saying "Man, wish I could meet Meagan Fox!" And I'm not just talking about for the obvious reasons.
  • She obviously looks good and it will be very interesting see where she ends up in her career.

    She started out in a Mary Kate and Ashley movie but is turning out to be a good fit with Hope and Faith. She obviously looks good and it will be very interesting see where she ends up in her career. However I do think her name is spelled Megan rather than Meagan.
  • She is good looking

    Megan Fox is a Good looking girl that makes your heart tingle. She is soo HOT with a Capital R!! She should be able to appear more in Hope and Faith because she does not get much time on the camera. Her attributes are going to waste and maybe she should think about going into like comedy because she can make you laugh but still manage to make your head turn and swivel and all that good stuff with her Banging looks. She is a 9.5 not a ten because she likes to party and go clubbing and that in a girl is not a good thing because then you will never be able to enjoy a good night together with her cuz her friends will always want to be with her. And if I was one of her friends then I would not leave her behind!!!! WOW!! Thats all I got to say about this girl.