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Megan Gale

Megan Gale


8/7/1976, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

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Megan Gale


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Megan Gale is an Australian model and actress who has achieved considerable fame, first in Italy but now equally so in her native Australia. Born in Perth, Australia, Megan is of half British, half Polynesian heritage and is the youngest of three children. Megan achieved her great fame…more


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    • Megan: I've always being really interested in looking after myself, not just because I'm a model but because that's just the way I am as a person, like I don't diet and exercise because I have to, I look after my diet and I look after myself physically because that's just the way I am and I'm a beach girl and, you know, grew up in Australia and also being a model, just looking for products that are not going to make your skin break out and sort of combining all that into one.

    • Megan: I'd definitely love to be a mum. Absolutely. Especially after getting to know my niece, 'cause she's so cool. I'd love to have... One of her would be perfect.

    • Megan: (coping with her popularity in Italy) It was a shock. I like cried for a week because it was quite intimidating and quite scary as well, people jumping on you, grabbing you...

    • Megan: (on being the face of Australia in Italy) It is a big honour. When they proposed that to me it was something that I didn't really expect, it's something that I expected someone that's got a bigger name. I mean, I guess for Italy as well, I am quite recognised and well known.

    • Megan: (on time flashing past) It does! You're like, 'Where did my 20s go?!' It's funny, isn't it? You feel old in one sense but, to me, I've loved turning 30. It forces you to go, 'Hang on - where am I going with this?' You're not mucking around anymore. This is serious!

    • Megan: (on marriage and kids) I don't want to say that it's a long way off and I don't want to say it's happening now. You have to be very unselfish if you're going to be a wife and a mother. I think jumping right into it would just be crazy. But I still want to be a reasonably young man.

    • Megan: I'm never anywhere for long because I can't sit still! I've lived a pretty frantic pace in the past few years. My 20s have flashed before my eyes because I've devoted the time mainly to work. So I want to devote my 30s ti myself a bit more!

    • Megan: (the most defining years in her life) There have been a lot! I think everyone looks at their lives and remembers the things that affected them dramatically - whether it's a change of job, breaking up, meeting someone, losing a loved one, or even moving house or countries.