Megan Hilty

Megan Hilty


3/29/1981, Bellevue, Washington

Birth Name

Megan Kathleen Hilty


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  • Megan Hilty in Smash
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    • Megan: When I was little I wanted to be a flight attendant so I could see the whole world. But as soon as I started singing I developed a whole new set of dreams that included everything involved in the opera/musical theater/theater business.

    • Megan: (About her usual blonde roles)I've got a lot more to me than people think.

    • Megan: (on Wicked) I think it's one of those shows like Phantom of the Opera where it's going to be there forever, so I think eventually maybe I'll go back to it.

    • Megan: (on her audition for Wicked) I remember sitting there afterwards going, 'Nobody could do this after Kristin Chenoweth, let alone a no-name from nowhere.' So I had absolutely no expectations.

    • Megan: Hopefully I'll get to do opera at some point in my life. It was kind of a snowball effect. I did all kinds of youth theatre and community theatre and performing arts high school: One thing led to another, and here I am.

    • Megan: (on Dolly Parton, the writer of the musical 9 to 5) She's a living legend and an icon. When I first got the job I was so excited, and then I kind of had a panic attack because I knew Dolly would be in the room.

    • Megan: (on the new Broadway adaptation of 9 to 5) It's a total dark comedy, you just miss the dark part because it's played so brilliantly.

    • Megan: (on her fans) I have gotten loads of nice gifts, a lot of them homemade. People have given me Glinda bears, homemade wands… I never would have thought to do that stuff myself, but, it's great. It's overwhelming but so amazing.

    • Megan: I was a huge Golden Girls fan - I have seen every episode!