Megan Joy

Megan Joy


Taylorsville, Utah

Birth Name

Megan Joy Knudsen


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Megan Joy (born August 5, 1985 as Megan Knudsen), formerly known as Megan Joy Corkrey, is an American singer from Sandy, Utah who came in ninth place on the eighth season of American Idol. Joy, who is a graduate of Taylorsville High School in Taylorsville, Utah, appeared in…more


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    • Megan:(On her famous tattoo) It is a castle and there is a night sky above it. In the stained glass - and it is my fairy tale - there is a king and a queen. That is me and who knows. Then there is a fairy godmother, my mom; a wizard, my brother; and a prince, my son. Also there are roses growing up the castle.

    • Megan:(On why she feels her life is enchanted) I am very blessed. I love my family and I will always love my family.

    • Megan: (On what her plans are for Grand Ole Opry week on American Idol Season 8) I don't know what I'm going to do with country week, but I'm going to tear it up!

    • Megan:(On whether or not she is ready for the scrutiny of her private life now that she has reached the top 13 in the competition of American Idol) I hope so. I don't care what people say about me. I just want my loved ones to be kept out of it.

    • Megan: (On whether or not she's worried about choosing the same song a previous contestant on American Idol has sung)No, because I don't think there's been an Idol contestant in the past that has my sound, so it will be different either way.

    • Megan:(On whether or not she will be playing an instrument later on in season 8 of American Idol) I don't play an instrument. I wish. It's a downfall; the musicians in this competition do the best. Hopefully my voice gets me through!

    • Megan: (On whom she would have chosen for a Wild Card slot on American Idol) Well, Jesse Langseth performed, but I wish she was with me now.

    • Megan:(On what the Wild Card round on American Idol was like) Wild Card was insane. The first few days [after I was eliminated last week], I didn't know I was going to be considered, and then it was like, bam, you're in. I kinda expected to be cut, so when I made it, it was the best thing ever.

    • Megan: (When asked why she dances when she sings) I really don't know why that happens. When I start singing, I just blob around, and it just happens. I don't know why.

  • My favorite Idol conestant.

    Megan Joy, an American Idol Season 8 contestant, came in 9th place. She is currently my favorite Idol contestant ever. Let's start out with her audition. It was AWESOME!! By far my favorite Idol audition. Then she wasn;t shown in Hollywood (which I was mad about). She was in Group 2 and sang Put Your Records On. She didn't make it through but got picked to be a Wildcard. There she gave her best performance for me, called Black Horse and the Cherry Tree. Then she got through and sang Rockin' Robin (an awesome performance), Walkin' After Midnight (a great one), For Once In My Life (so-so, but great studio version), and Turn Your Lights Down low. She got eliminated (I was so mad), but she's gonna get a record deal and I'm gonna buy her CD.moreless
  • Look out! This girl is going to go far!

    Megan Corkrey is my favorite contestant on American Idol season eight. She is one of very few contestants on the show, in my opinion, to show so much individuality and uniqueness in her style and singing. Simon Cowell, the most famous of the judges on the show, has told Megan numerous times that she is one to remember and it's hard not to agree after watching one of her funky performances. There seems to be a true charm about her whether it be her sunshiney personality, her fun approach to music, or her great voice. She is definitely going to go far in this competition and even further in what surely will be an amazing career.moreless