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    • Megan:(On her famous tattoo) It is a castle and there is a night sky above it. In the stained glass - and it is my fairy tale - there is a king and a queen. That is me and who knows. Then there is a fairy godmother, my mom; a wizard, my brother; and a prince, my son. Also there are roses growing up the castle.

    • Megan:(On why she feels her life is enchanted) I am very blessed. I love my family and I will always love my family.

    • Megan: (On what her plans are for Grand Ole Opry week on American Idol Season 8) I don't know what I'm going to do with country week, but I'm going to tear it up!

    • Megan:(On whether or not she is ready for the scrutiny of her private life now that she has reached the top 13 in the competition of American Idol) I hope so. I don't care what people say about me. I just want my loved ones to be kept out of it.

    • Megan: (On whether or not she's worried about choosing the same song a previous contestant on American Idol has sung)No, because I don't think there's been an Idol contestant in the past that has my sound, so it will be different either way.

    • Megan:(On whether or not she will be playing an instrument later on in season 8 of American Idol) I don't play an instrument. I wish. It's a downfall; the musicians in this competition do the best. Hopefully my voice gets me through!

    • Megan: (On whom she would have chosen for a Wild Card slot on American Idol) Well, Jesse Langseth performed, but I wish she was with me now.

    • Megan:(On what the Wild Card round on American Idol was like) Wild Card was insane. The first few days [after I was eliminated last week], I didn't know I was going to be considered, and then it was like, bam, you're in. I kinda expected to be cut, so when I made it, it was the best thing ever.

    • Megan: (When asked why she dances when she sings) I really don't know why that happens. When I start singing, I just blob around, and it just happens. I don't know why.