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  • Can't get enough of Megan and don't understand why she doesn't have her own show by now.

    I've got a satellite setup with a DVR and a lot of channels. It encourages channel surfing. But whenever I happen upon Megan reporting on some far off place, there's no contest. I stop to watch her experience new people and cultures mainly because she's such a pleasure to spend some time with. In fact, if I weren't married and probably twice her age, I'd make my way to New York in the hopes of actually meeting her because such charm and beauty and heart is unbelievably rare. That she managed to make it onto a public TV show seems miraculous. Anyway, thought I'd take a minute to show my appreciation. I've just read she's married with a daughter which I'm sure means she won't be doing much more trekking. Our loss but I understand. Best wishes!moreless
  • Megan is down to earth, funny, and a great host.

    Everything she does on Globe Trekker is great. She provides insight from a variety of perspectives. Whether she is carrying her own backpack or not, she gives an "aura" of someone who is genuinely involved in the moment. I thoroughly enjoy her sense of humor and down-to-earth sexiness. Please feature her more often. It would be fun to have her paired up with Ian for one episode. I think it would be a kick. I'm trying to make this damn review at least 100 words long (an odd thing to require, in my opinion), so the rest of this will be a rambling series of random thoughts that will do nothing but add words to the requirement that the review reach 100...have I reached the limit? Let's see.moreless