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  • her real porn name

    Shu Shu Fontaine! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Karen Walker! She's the reason I watched Will & Grace!
  • Singing, acting and dancing, she has it all!

    She is definitely one of my absolute favorite celebrities of all time. I always make sure to have my iPod with every song she has ever recorded with me. Some day I hope that she does another Broadway show so that I can go and see her in it. Her role in Will and Grace was one of the greatest roles of all time as well. I love that she was so great at comedic timing as well as physical comedy. Although her talkshow hardly lasted, I made sure to never miss an episode. I absolutely loved her true personality on the talkshow and miss it a ton.
  • Megan Mullally!... Você é a melhor!

    Megan Mullally é boa em tudo o que faz!.... nunca ví uma atriz de comédia tão boa quanto ela!... ela é a melhor... tudo nela é muito perfeito..., a comédia dela é divertida, realista e engraçada... principalmente na série "Will & Grace"... nooosaaa..., foi lá mesmo onde eu comecei a gostar dela!!... 1000% muito muito muito boa... e depois que acabou a série surgiu o "Megan Mullally Show", que em português seria "O Show da Megan Mullally" ... aquilo foi um estouro pra mim!... engraçado demais! só não entendi até hoje porque esse talk foi cancelado... ele era maravilhosamente ´´otimo, por mim eu nunca mais assistiria o canal que passava a série só por tributo.
  • Simply Amazing

    Ever since I saw Megan Mullally in "Will & Grace" I've been a fan of her and her amazing talent! It's just so amazing to see her in so many different roles and somehow still see a little of 'Karen Walker' there. hehe After seeing her in "Will & Grace" I had to see as many of her other works as possible and I can't really say that I have a specific favourite out of her roles because they are all so different and I just love them all! I wish that I could get the chance to see her live on stage, but alas I doubt very much that that will ever happen because I live in another country from her, so can't add what Theatre performance I liked best. Megan Rules no matter what!
  • This woman can never go wrong!!

    Megan Mullally is a wonderfully talented actress, singer, dancer. From Will & Grace to The Megan Mullally Show to every other movie she has appeared in, Megan has proven she has staying power!

    If you haven't had the opportunity to see Megan in Young Frankenstein, get out and get your tickets. As Elizabeth, Megan is charming, witty and memorable. Megan's last day for YF is August 3rd!!

    I have been fortunate to see the show twice and have been able to chat with Megan both times, all I can say is MEGAN is extraordinarily talented and so ever pleasant to talk to.

    True talent.....don't ever stop Megan!!
  • Gorgeous, Knockout, Sophisticated, Talented, Extremely funny, sexy and not to mention, my type of woman.

    Dear Megan, I was introduced to your show or shall I say "Will & Grace Show," while I was serving my country in Baghdad, Iraq. Imagine that, I was able to purchase the Will & Grace DVD's in Iraq. You and Jack always kept a smile on my face with thoughts of your laugh, and insults. I know it's not your true laugh but it was always on my mind, while I was outside of the wire. I started watching your talk show in order to view a different side of you, I like the really you as well. It would be great to meet you one day. Take care.

    Rich Colon
  • One of the most talented artists of our time!

    Megan Mullally has more talent and poise than I've ever seen in a human being. An amazing actress, singer, and dancer, Megan has made quite a name for herself. Without Megan's incredible comedic acting, Will & Grace would not have been what it was. In addition to her acting talents, she is also a remarkable singer. Having seen her in a concert myself, I can truthfully say that this woman is a class act. She has an amazing voice and often goes great lengths just to please her fans. Megan is one of the most talented and hard working ladies of our time, and is a great role model to young girls everywhere.
  • Honey, we talked about this....

    Megan Mullally is the high pitched alcoholic sarcastic sidekick in Will and Grace and by far the best character inside that show, she was always coming up with one liners, about Grace's fashion sense, and turning to pills and drink whenever the opportunity took it. Loved her in the film Monkey Bone with Brendan Fraser and she is and always will be a personal favourite with me. Shame her own show didn't make it to the big time, as we would have loved to see it in UK, but Karen will always be that tone in my head that I would love to encounter.....
  • ya'll i love Megan as Karen i didnt even pay attention to will and Grace until Karen showed up on stage.

    I like Karen because shes always so damn clueless. and she was always so loud and out spoken you know she was a bad a*s she aint give a f*** and i love her for always speaken her mind even if what she had to say was complete uneccesary. The fact that she was always so weird and loud wasnt the reason she was so funni but i think that it was the fact that she was always drunk and the b**** aint know what was goin on. And i love that little high voice of hers the bottom line Karen is a Loud mouth , s*** talkin , crazy a** , alcoholic , b**** ,who has no moral code what so over and shes Fabolous. and i love Megans show too.
  • My heart's for Megan!

    I've been following Megan Mullally since "Will and Grace," and although I haven't saw her show yet, I hope I'll get around and seiing it, because I heard plenty of good things about her show. She is a gorgeous woman to look at. It's too bad that got married two years ago, I'm very much in love with her. I would love to be on her TV show, as a guest because I would love to meet her. A few months ago, I signed up in a contest where I get to meet her. I signed up four times, and the rules say once. I was out of the running. Hopefully, I will get a chance of going on her show and meeting her. I would love to come on the show as a guest. I hope Megan reads this.
  • I was never a big fan of hers until I saw her talk show.

    I know a lot of people loved Megan on Will and Grace but to be honest I didn't like the show and her voice to me was a big turnoff, it just got on my last nerve. I was home and watched her talk show, she is so funny and talented. I think her talk show is one of the most original ever. I love the way she has fun with her guests. I never realized just how much she had done. I'm glad to see her show doing well and I really think this is the perfect thing for her. I'll keep watching it.
  • ...and she is getting her own show!

    Megan Mullally, she's gorgeous, funny and oh so talented! All the awards she has won for her portrayal of Karen Walker on the sitcom "Will and Grace" proves my point. My favourite Karen moment? Hmm, so many of them! Probably in "Bathroom Humor" when she was arguing with Rosario. Megan was a credit to Will and Grace, and the show would've failed without her (and Sean!).
  • She's a hillarious character actor so talented she has gotten where she now is with basically no training. Can she hold her own show, or is she better at playing a comic part?

    I adore Megan Mullally as Karen on NBC's "Will & Grace." Despite the fact that the writing for the show has been going down hill since the fifth season (with fortunate periodic exceptions like 2-2-06 "I Love L. Gay" featuring Taye Diggs as Will's new love interest), Mullally can always make me laugh. Her timing is unreal and dead on. It will be interesting to see how she holds up with her own talk-show. Not only does she seem best suited to being a supporting/character actor, but in live appearences, she seems slightly uneasy. I find her nervousness endearing, and hopefully others will, too, but it could potentially hurt her show's chances for success. In any case, we here in New York City are being cheated of a chance to see her perform on the Broadway stage for another few years. Maybe she and the band she works with (Supreme Music Program) will record another CD to hold us over.
  • A completely out there character with stinging remarks to spare. She is fabulous.

    A completely out there character with stinging remarks to spare. She is fabulous. She is the only Karen Walker that's for sure, I do have to wonder how old is Karen really? And why hasn't she died of over dose yet?Oh well, let's just hope she doesn't, we need our Karen.
  • an amazing talent, that's come so far

    megan mullally's father was in show business and he urged her not to get involved, but i'm glad she did. she knows karen walker on w&g inside and out, and it's amazing to see her work. she's a woman who can play any roll, and i'm so lucky for having met her during the final season of w&g

    long live karen walker
  • Have not seen

    We have much to expect from this lady. Her talents have not been fully revealed. Love Megan, very much and love Karen too for that matter.

    Don't have an opinion yet as to her interview skills, but expect she will do a great job as she is a dancer, singer, and comediene.

    Simply love her.
  • She is a really good actress , she knows her job

    When you watch her performance at will & grace , there are not a lot of things to say, she is perfect. She acts her role really god ,she is one of the most funny characters you would like to watch. Makes a wonderful show like Will & Grace more fun with her amazing performance.
  • The fantastic actress portraying Karen Walker in Will & Grace shines above all her co-stars.

    Megan Mullally is my all time favourite actress. From the first time I saw her in Ned and Stacey I have followed her career. Having been one of the lucky people to see her in "How to succeed in business without really trying" I was really captivated by this woman. I own both the CDs she has produced with The Supreme Music Program. These CDs are the most precious to my collection and were the two that were first on my ipod.

    On Will & Grace, she plays one of the "background" characters. As Karen Walker, the squeeky voiced, cold hearted, multi-millionaire she steals the limelight from the main characters and along with Sean Hayes (Jack McFarland) makes up one of the funniest duos on TV.

    She is a fantastic actress and an incredible singer, and my all time favourite!
  • Fabulous actress and singer.

    Megan Mullally is amazing. She is a wonderful actress who makes the show "Will & Grace" with her character, Karen, and she is a very talented singer who does flawless covers of different songs. You can watch her act and quickly be absorbed in whatever it is she is performing. And on top of that, she's absolutely gorgeous, and definitely does not look like she's in her 40s. Megan is a person that is hard to come across, but once you do, you are so happy that you did. Megan Mullally is my idol.
  • Wonderful comedic actress, very talented singer and all around a joy to watch.

    Ms. Mullally as Karen is absolutely brilliant. She is the reason why I enjoy the show so much. Her character is always original, where everyone else tends to repeat their jokes and fit their little "character box" to the letter. Karen is ever-changing, always hilarious and that's all because of the beautiful actress portraying her. Megan Mullally can convey hidden characteristics of Karen that are not easily obvious; a rare glimpse of kind and caring Karen is brilliant. One glance, one move, one word can bring down the audience and make them laugh uncontrollably. I think it was the best casting decision the show creators have ever made.
  • megan mullally is sexy and talented. what ever show she appears on weather its will and grace or just guest star she the best. shes in he 40s and she looks 20. i think she is one of the sexiest woman alive. keep up the good work Megan Mullally!

    Megan Mullally outshines them all. not only is she hotter than everyone else she is also more talented. At first i only knew her from will and grace then i heard that she could sing and i checked out her new cd. and she is also a talented singer. the surpreme music program is awesome! she is the best in will and grace because she makes karen walker one of the funniest charecters in television history in my opinion. There is no other woman that could do it quite like Mullally can. I think after the last season of will and grace is over next year she should take that offer and become a day time talk show host! she is awesome and i have the highest respect for her! Go Megan Mullally!
  • Megan outshines the rest of the cast on Will & Grace, which is quite a feat considering their talent.

    As Karen Walker on Will & Grace, Megan steals the show. She gracefully walks the line between sex and sleaze, between socially adept and sloppy drunk. It takes a special kind of skill to deliver the lines she's given--she can adjust her voice to perfectly fit the situation, to go from sickeningly sweet to raunchy to crabby in a split second, which is the kind of rapid-fire slapstick the show lives on. Megan is the reason I still watch the show, and I suspect I'm not the only one who thinks this way. I've even enjoyed her in the odd commercial spots I see her in. I can't wait to see what she does next.