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    • Megan: (revealing she gets numerous offers to be naked) 'Why naked? Why now?' is my question. Because I'm going to be 50 in November and I just did a television pilot for a show for another network and I have to be naked in that. Why not when I was 26 and I was really cute? Why is there such demand for me to take all of my clothes off?

    • Megan: (asked to reveal her favourite "Will And Grace" episode) To Serve & Disinfect, when Karen's fetish-film past is revealed. I also loved my first episode with John Cleese, when I had to jump on him in a farcical way. It reminded me of Laurel and Hardy movies.

    • Megan: (on keeping in touch with the rest of the "Will And Grace" cast) Sean and I have always been close, so I know we'll maintain that friendship for life. I think with this cast, we've all really bonded for life and I'm sure we'll stay in touch. It's not like Friends, where there were six of them and they were younger. We're older and more established, so we're more of a tight-knit group. Like The Beatles, we'll always be thought of together. None of us will ever want to cut that tie.

    • Megan: (on saying goodbye to "Will And Grace") I didn't know how things would turn out for Karen until I got the last script, and I thought it was perfect that it had her going off to live with Jack. I always felt they were platonically in love and Karen was the gay man that Jack always wanted.

    • Megan: (on women in Hollywood) How do those women lose all that weight in a week?

    • Megan: (on winning her second Emmy) When I was about 20 or 21 I lived in Chicago and I went to a psychic, who told me I was gonna win two Emmys - they were like bookends - for playing a secretary on a sitcom.

    • Megan Mullally: (On having to kiss Alec Baldwin in front of her husband) I'm a character actress so I don't really have a lot of kissing scenes normally, but I had to really kiss Alec for an extended period. My husband who is very sweet - he comes to almost every taping - is there and that's a little uncomfortable, but then, and I swear this is true, my ex-husband is Alec Baldwin's agent, so he's also there. They're both standing there, going, 'Looking good.' It's not fair. The one time I get to kiss somebody and I've got two husbands out there.

    • Megan: (On "Karen: The Musical") I think it's hilarious. It's so, like, wrong. You're never supposed to keep your old character going. But, see, that's what makes me want to keep doing it.

    • Megan Mullally: NBC press releases are always like, 'Megan likes to skip down the sunny lane with her basket of flowers, l king for rainbows' I mean, they make you sound like an idiot. You Know

    • Megan: Everybody thinks I'm this giant alcoholic, and I've never even had a martini!

    • Megan: (on Will And Grace's live episode) I think both shows will be good. The script we're working with right now is very funny. But that's what the writers do anyway, they punch up jokes after the first pass. So it's kind of the same theory.

    • Megan: I've always been singing ever since I was little. When I was like, you know, 4 I knew the lyrics to every single song on Top 40 AM Radio in Oklahoma City, and sang them all at the top of my lungs every chance I got. Its really fun, I mean its really nice to contribute to this particular project and also just to be able to sing with beautiful instrumentation behind you is really thrilling.

    • Megan: (on having kids) The doctor told us we're supposed to do it from day 10 to day 18 and that we're supposed to stay together for 10 minutes afterwards, and the guy's supposed to go on top. He said, 'If it's at night, you can just fall asleep.' I was like, 'Yeah, I'd be dead in 10 minutes.' We have our supplies - I've got my lip balm under my pillow and he's got like a clock under his pillow. It's not very comfortable. It's kinda like being in yoga class.

    • Megan: (on the "Will & Grace" thanksgiving episode) As they're bringing out all the food, we're supposed to be going, 'Oh, it looks delicious,' and I said, 'Oh, this scene is so long!' I said it in every take and nobody knew. So you can watch for that.

    • On Dieting: At one point, I found sausage that had actually been stuffed with cheese. It was disgusting, but it was a good idea. There's a little FRED FLINTSTONE factor that creeps in. I don't need to be really skinny, but I was getting too portly.

    • Megan: (on Jennifer Lopez) She had a rather large entourage. It was an extensive group of people which I thought was interesting because how many people does it take to get an absolutely flawlessly beautiful woman ready? She's gorgeous when she walks in with absolutely no make-up, jeans and a T-shirt.

    • Megan: (on the end of "Will & Grace") It's gonna be traumatic; I'm going to be hospitalized with emotional turmoil or something... I think it will be really sad.

    • Megan: (on having kids) I not only had myself convinced that I was pregnant but I also had myself convinced that I was having a miscarriage. I wasn't any of those things. I thought, 'That's silly, I can't do that to myself. We're trying but I'm like 100. We might adopt. Everybody that I know who has adopted has had such a great experience and I feel like that's sort of a good sign.

    • Of Will & Grace's sweep of the supporting acting in a comedy category (2000 Emmys): The award's great not just for me, but for the show -- and that Sean (Hayes) won.

    • On the day of her final audition for Will & Grace: Two hours before the test, at 2pm, Tracy Lilienfield called me because she knew I was thinking of not showing up. And I was home in my pyjamas, eating scrambled eggs - no makeup or hairdo or anything

    • On her chemistry with Sean Hayes: Sean and I can do things in perfect unison because we have this really weird affinity. We've totally freaked each other out by doing exactly the same thing, having the exact same instinct, at the same time.

    • Megan: (on working with Madonna) I enjoyed working with her because she worked so hard. She just wanted to rehearse and rehearse and rehearse because she just really wanted it to be good.

    • "Taffy Huntington - but my actual porn-star name was something different. You'll have to do the research"