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    • Megan (On working on a show created by Brenda Hampton) Working with Brenda is a dream come true. She is so smart and caring. She keeps that set running so smoothly. I love her and who she is as a person. I used to love 7th Heaven!

    • Megan (On the advice she would give people who want to get into acting) Get involved with as many things as you can...and just get all the experience you can. It's a crazy business but if it's what you love, you can totally make it happen.

    • Megan (On her favorite role she's done so far) Grace has actually been my favorite role because I've been able to live with her for so long, and develop her and see her story unfold. She is so fun because we're different in so many ways, but I get to find similarities and put them into it. I just think she is such a good person at heart but she has so many more levels for the audience hasn't seen yet and I love that.

    • Megan: (On her number one necessity) I think the one thing I'm really into right now, as corny as this is going to sound, is sunscreen. I just think it's so important to start early. It prevents wrinkles, and skin cancer is something that nobody wants to deal with, obviously. I'm really into finding products that have sunscreen in them.

    • Megan: (On her personal style) It changes day-to-day. I mean, today I'm in sweats. Tomorrow I might be dressed up. I guess I really like a boho kind of look. I love going to vintage stores. I might get a really nice blouse from a store, but then wear it with old, ripped jeans. I try to mix it up; nothing too put together, really. I'm pretty low-key about stuff like that.

    • Megan (On make-up basics) I'm not a huge makeup wearer in my day-to-day life. Just a little bit of mascara, a little bit of lip gloss, and maybe some blush, and then I'm good to go. They curl my hair on-set so much that in real life I basically wash my hair and just let it dry naturally. I'm basically just like a wash-and-go girl.

    • Megan: (On her Secret Life co-stars) We really all just love each other and we're all friends, there's no drama, there's just no jealousy or anything. And I think it just comes with everybody being happy to be there and nobody having egos. We're just so lucky that we don't have a cast full of egos, because I've definitely worked on movies and shows like that and it just changes the whole experience. And we just all love hanging out together.

    • Megan: (On Jason Priestley directing her show, The Secret Life) I adore Jason, he's so cool, and we bonded over our Canadian heritage. Everyone made fun of the way we say, 'pasta'. I guess you guys say, 'pos-ta' and we tried to fight that. But, no, he's just really great and I loved working with him and I think his episodes are amazing. It's great to have someone who is also an actor directing and he definitely brings that to the table. He's just such a sweet guy and I really hope he comes back this season.

    • Megan: I have a lot of clueless moments. I'm very innocent and I think the best about everyone. If you tell me something, I'll believe it.