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  • Meghan Black is voice actor for Atlanta in an animated show called Class Of The Titans.

    Mrs. Black was a very good actress for Atlanta. It is horrible that she mustleave, but I am almost positive Sarah Edmunson will do a good job in being the new Atlanta.

    She put alot of good emotion into her voice and made sure that Atlanta's voice fit Atlanta's personality. She did a good job playing someone who is quite younger than her, but mind you, all of the voice actors do.

    Though I am almost sure that Sarah Edmunson will be a perfect new Atlanta, I am also sure that Mrs. Blacks castmates, crew and all others affiliated with her on the show, will miss her.
  • Very sweet and very talented and totally underrused! Hire this actress!

    Meghan is one of my favorite VA's as well as live actors. Her voice is unlike typical voices you hear in animation. When she's very sweet and extremely talented. There are big things ahead for her, no doubt! I interviewed her a few years back for a website and she surprised me with her openess and her candor about certain things. And her performances never fail to draw you in. Hope to work with her one day on something! Looking forward to her next role with excitment, but she will always be Rogue from X-Men Evolution to me! Keep up the great work, Meghan!
  • I love the job she does on Class of the Titans.

    She does a wonderful job on Class of the Titans where she plays one of the main characters, Atlanta. Her voice makes Atlanta seem like that calm girl even though that isn't true since Atlanta has quit a temper. I think they couldn't have picked a better voice for Atlanta.
  • She's very cool!

    Meghan Black does a really good job of doing Rogue! It's too bad I'm not familiar with her other voice work or her acting career! I wish I lived in Canada so then I could see her in Edgemont. Why was X-Men Evolution cancelled? Kids WB is killing all the best shows! I hope to meet her one day or hear her voice in a new animated program!
  • I'm inlove of her voice!!!

    I love everyone of evolution characters but for Rogue i feel something igger than mere love admiration, well no word in this world can give me an idea of what that character made me feel.
    That's truth Rogue's voice was pretty perfect for the role sarcastic but at the same time cute.
    By the moment i'm searching another series with her participation, but by now i can tell you: I'm inlove with Rogue(Even if the series ended two years ago) And a great part of Rogues succes it's because of Meghan.
    She's talent pure talent I hope soon see the other series, but i know what to wait An amazing actress
    If you can read this: Thanks for all the hours of drama/action/even romance you give me in the role of Rogue.