Megumi Toyoguchi

Megumi Toyoguchi


1/2/1978, Machida, Tokyo, Japan

Birth Name

Toyoguchi Megumi



Also Known As

Toyoguchi Megumi
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Megumi Toyoguchi is a Japanese seiyuu (voice actress) who was born on January 2, 1978 in Machida, Tokyo, Japan. She is well known for her work in voicing over 51 different characters in TV anime and OAVs. Some of her most noted roles includes Tsukasa Nishino in Ichigomore


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • On the TV anime Burn-Up Scramble, Megumi performed the ending theme "0 or infinity -Love or Unlimited-" with her 3 person seiyuu group of the show called "Atena". The other 2 members includes Mamiko Noto and Rie Kugimiya.

    • Megumi has done narration work in both Wakaru Sansû 4-nensei (Know math in fourth grade) and Wakaru Sansû 5-nensei (Know math in fifth grade).

    • On the TV anime Bamboo Blade, Megumi performed the opening theme "BAMBOO BEAT" and the ending theme "STAR RISE" along with fellow seiyuu Sachiko Kojima, Ryou Hirohashi, Rina Satou and Houko Kuwashima.

    • In early 2005, Megumi along with manga artist Mihona Fujii folded senbazuru (1,000 paper cranes) to wish Minako Honda to get well before she tragically died from acute myeloid leukemia on November 6, 2005.

    • Megumi has voiced characters in radio/CD dramas including her role as Makoto Ashirai in Chokotto Sister, Megumi Momono in Mahoraba, Motoko Minagawa in Fruits Basket and Jun Kuga in Hayate x Blade (Hayate Cross Blade).

    • Megumi has appeared on several radio shows including "Bakuten Radio", "Magna Carta Radio" and "Hiroi Oji no Multi-Tengoku". Megumi also used to be a radio personality on the radio show "Eberu Nights" along with fellow seiyuu Kotono Mitsuishi. They would talk amongst themselves about recent events or about their own lives, they'd answer fan mail, and they'd also invite guest seiyuu to the show and interview/talk with them. "Eberu Nights" aired on Sundays for 30 minutes.

    • Her first name Megumi translates to "blessing" in English.

    • Some of Megumi's hobbies includes playing games, taking walks, singing, going to the theater and riding a monocycle (a one-wheeled vehicle similar to the unicycle).

    • On the 5 episode anime special Ichigo 100%, Megumi performed the opening song "Kimiiro 100%" along with fellow seiyuu Mamiko Noto, Nana Mizuki and Sanae Kobayashi. Megumi also performed solo the 3rd ending theme, "Daigyakuten Kiss".

    • Toyoguchi performed the song "Gindokei", which translates to "Silver Watch". It is a Hagane no Renkinjutsushi or FullMetal Alchemist song file that she performed as her character, Winry Rockbell.

    • During the Spring of 1999, game developer Hudson held special events for the Dreamcast game, Kita he. Toyoguchi attended these events, singing one solo song, and one group song with the other main seiyuu of the game.

    • In the interactive movie Super Voice World: Yume to Jiyuu to Happening, Megumi performed the theme song. She also played the role of herself in this film.

    • Megumi has done voice work in over 100 different Japanese animes and OVAs. Some other such roles she has played but are not credited for here contain the following:

      Alti in Simoun
      Yuri in Samurai Champloo
      Miriallia Haw in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
      Yao Sakurakouji in Miami Guns
      Sei Sato in Maria-sama ga Miteru
      Crea PennyLane in L/R: Licensed By Royalty
      Reni Vikuro in Innocent Venus
      Reiko Ichikawa in Infinite Ryvius
      Mitsuki Rara in Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure
      and Rubi in DearS

    • Megumi voiced Alice in Alice SOS. She also performed the first opening theme(eps 1-26) "SOS" along with Motoko Kumai, Ayako Shiraishi & Kyousei Tsukui as well as the second opening(eps 27-28) "SOS" with Haruna Ikezawa.

    • Megumi plays a major role voicing Hikari in the Pocket Monsters: Diamond and Pearl series in Japan. Emily Jenness voices Dawn (Hikari's English counterpart) in the English dub.

    • Megumi stands in at 168 centimeters(5 feet, 6 inches) tall and has blood type A.

    • Toyoguchi has played a few roles with fellow seiyuu, Rie Tanaka, in which they both play characters on the same teams.

    • Megumi has voiced several characters in over 21 Japanese video games. Some such roles icludes Tsukasa Nishino in Ichigo 100%: Strawberry Diary, Paine in Final Fantasy X-2, Chizuru Nagahara in Wrestle Angels: Survivor, Yukari Takeba in Persona 3 and Sharuru in Berserk ~Chapter of the Millenium Falcon - Record of the Holy Evil War Chapter~.

    • Toyoguchi is the only seiyuu to have ever played a character on every anime on the Japanese MBS and TBS stations in the Saturday 6:00pm time slot.

    • Toyoguchi is employed under the talent management firm, 81 Produce.

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