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  • The last poster is an idiot

    This guy is just another ugly, bald dumb-ass that can't act and was cast in a spot that totally ruins the Superman tradition. Jimmy Olsen is supposed to be a much shorter, red haired white guy, like he has been for the past up-politically correct 60 years!!!
  • Bravo Mr. Brooks

    It is so fantastic to see a strong,smart,handsome black man on tv. Tv is made up of stereotypes and Marc Cheery is not doing that. This brother seems to be well trained and very good as a actor. We haven't see him do much but there is such detail in what we do see that we keep looking forward to seeing more. We could tell that he was well built and handsome even before he spoke. It is great to see him being the man of his family. Intelligent and sensative. Great work Mr. Brooks. From a New York actor I say. Bravo.