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  • Meital Dohan discusses her new movie, new book and early acting years.

    Israeli actress Meital Dohan is probably best known for her role on the impressive TV series called "Weeds" and not to mention her stellar performance in "Woke Up Dead". Now Meital is gearing up for her new role in the movie "Monogamy". The movie which would also star Chris Messina and Rashida Jones would explore the problems and challenges of romantic relationships. In the interview Meital also talked about her early acting career, her awards as well as her second job which is that of an author. Her book is called "Love and Other bad Habits" and focuses on being in love for the first time. Read more of the interview here:
  • Meital is incredible. Very talented and super beautiful. She recently guest starred on the new John Heder series Woke Up Dead. You can see it at

    Meital Dohan is incredible. She is a very talented and super beautiful actress. Its refreshing to see a beautiful and talented actress such as her emerge from Israel. Meital was fantastic in season two of weeds as Yael. I hope they bring her character back sometime in hte future. She recently guest starred on the new John Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) series, Woke Up Dead. You can see it on Hulu at I hope to see even more of Meital in the future. She is an up and coming actress who definitely deserves more work and recognition. Let's hope that 2010 is a big year for Meital.
  • shes the best so funny in the season of weeds i love it.

    i think she is the best. in my favorite episode of weeds she does hilarious stuff and you feel like she is really that character. you dont feel as if she is acting its amazing. she literally is so talented it shocks me. i dont know how many people saw the play she was in that went all over the US but it was so amazing as well. she was so talented and charasmatic. everything she did and said was completely in character and she never broke or lost it. it was just who she was nothing more nothing less.