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  • This Guy Makes All of the Other Voice actors Cry

    I'm pretty sure no one has come close to topping this man, he will surely go down in history as the best voice actor in the universe. He's done hundreds maybe even thousands of voices and each one is unique. If only we could bring this guy back!
  • Overrated as hell!

    Seriously, why do people praise this stupid talentless hack? His voice is nothing special, and he tries too hard to sound good! I've seen voice actors that don't dub stupid crap are way better than this guy. Face it, Mel Blanc sucks like all dumb English voice actors.
  • Diversified voice

    What a unique voice.... These characters are very different...I am speechless to know that Blanc did them. A ten in my book. These animals are easy to laugh with.
  • Mel Blanc is the man.

    Bugs Bunny,Daffy Duck,Porky Pig,Tweety,Slyvester,Marvin the Martian,Speedy Gonzales and many many more on Looney Tunes-WOW.

    Now I could go on about how brilliant and influential Looney Tunes was to the cartoon world we know today-Kung fu Panda and SpongeBob Squarepants would have not been possible with out it.

    Mal Blanc helped Looney Tunes become the biggest cartoon in pop culture and likely one of the best.

    From the classic revelry between Bugs-Daffy,Tweety,-Slyvester and Willey and Road Runner,no one could hold a candle to the awesome most awesomely CARTOON in THE world. FACT: Mal Blanc was allergist to carrots. Looney Tunes and Mel Blanc the (cartoon) world owes you a living.
  • Mel Blanc has one thing for you that blows you away: VOICE ACTING!!!!!!!!!!!

    He would Voice as Various Characters in the looney toons show.One thing that surprised me throughout my life was that i used to be a fan with adam west.but mel blanc blew me away from Adam West.Mel Blanc filled my ears with likeness and a feeling about being a fan.Even though it's been a long time since he was too old that he retired,I'm still a fan of him just like some of you people in america.Well,He made every (almost Every) show into a Mel Blanc Masterpiece.So i found out that the editor for this profile of Mel Blanc had spirit in himself for the voice and shows of this celebrity of mine.
  • Not only the greatest voice of TV but one of the most loved. So many fans, so few ever saw hi face. That alone speak of how great he was.

    The first TV hero of amost every child in the USA. Who did not grow up knowing and loving Mel and all of those he gave life to. Just being able to develop one or two voices is a great task. Just think of the task put before Mel. As children we love him for his voices. As adults we come to admire him for the great volume of work that he did. In a way it is sad that Mel's greatest fans do not really understand how great he is until years later. That also may be the reason that even as adults we still enjoy his work. 100's of years from now children & adults will still be enjoying Mel's work.
  • Oh my gosh I love this man! :P He is so unbelievably talented. He truly is one of the best, if not the best, voice actor to ever grace our country with his amazing talent. Love ya Mel!!! :)

    Oh my gosh I love this man! :P He is so unbelievably talented. He truly is one of the best, if not the best, voice actor to ever grace our country with his amazing talent. I never knew he was all of those Looney Tunes character till I stumbled across his credits one day. That's how great of a voice actor he is. There are only a few va's today that have as many voices as he did. He truly was one of a kind. I also loved the way he portrayed his characters. Phenomenal. That's the only word needed to describe his performance. He made them come to live and seem so real. He is definatley one of the all-time greats.

    Love ya Mel!!! :)
  • empty

    What I really like about Mel Blanc is that he can do thousands of voices like tweety, bugs, daffy and more.
  • Mel Blanc is extremely talented, you got to love him.

    Mel Blanc is one of the most talented voice actors ever. He plays just about every one on Looney Tunes, you can't argue with that. I wish he was still alive so I could meet him, but time changes. He was the main reason on why Looney Tunes was my favorite classic cartoon, there were many other reasons on why Looney Tunes was my favorite classic cartoon, but Mel Blanc was my main reason. He was the man of a tousand voices, and was also Bugs Bunny's voice. Overall: 10

    Mel Blanc has some of the best voices, enough said. END OF REVIEW.
  • Dithpicable! Only joking.

    Okay, Mel Blanc is one of my favorite voice actors ever to roam the Earth. Looney Tunes is also one of my favorite shows, and which goes together... Mel Blanc does the voices for basically all the looney tunes characters. He did a really good job on his voices, and he's just excellent.
  • Mel Blanc = Hollywood Legend

    Mel Blanc is the Greatest Voice specialist and the Only man who can Do Bugs Bunny Better then anyone including the Current Voice guy who dose Bugs Bunny now. I Loved him as Twiki in "Buck Rodgers In the 25th Century" and as George Jetsons Boss, Mr. Spacely in the "Jetsons", It's been a decade after his death and I truely Miss Him alot There'll never be another Man Like Mel Blac.
  • In a class of his own!

    If you ask me, Mel Blanc was an original and Was one of a class and nobody can top
    Him at all as even though his only child has taken
    Over the reigns, the original is the original but even though you may not know his face, you definately knew his voice! Mel Blanc is the best cartoon voice if ever!
  • empty

    Mel Blanc was one of my favorite people. He did thousands of voices like Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam, Elmer Fudd, Tweety, Daffy Duck and more. It's too bad he's no longer here. No person could possibly dislike Mel Blanc for his voies.
  • One of the best voice actors to date.

    Mel blanc,too me is one of the most talented voice actors of all time.He did so many characters in Loonie Tunes.It is pretty near unbelieveable how he could do so many differnt voices.They called him the man of a thousand voices,i think he could of even more then that.I personaly never knew him(like alot of people do aha)too knew if he was a great guy,or a bad guy.But theres one thing i know about him and that is that he's one heck of a voice actor.He may be dead now,but he will not never be forgotton.Here's to Mel the man of a thousand voices.
  • He has done so much with his carrer where does one even begin?

    Mel Blanc has done so much. He is such a talented voice actor I can\'t even start. A million bugs bunny charectors. He always has that perfect voice about him. Also a little trivia even though he played Bugs Bunny he was allergic to carrots. I found that cute. Anywho a great actor who really was a huge part of Cartoon history and paved the way for all current and future aspiring cartoon voice actors. Nothing could stop Mel and he had a great time voice acting just up to his death. I\'m sure somewhere on his tombstone it says \"Th-t-t-t- That\'s All Folks!!!\"
  • Indredible!

    If you don't know him, you know of him! He's done every Looney Tunes character and is one of the most incredible voices ever! His voice can contourt so many ways that he makes it almost undistinguishable in all his characters! His son, Noel, does it now and is pretty good, but nothing can replace Mel Blanc.
  • best in history

    one of the greatest om history. provided voices for every single one of the looney toons characters, so good at so many different voices I didn't even know until someone told me. they just don't make'em like him anymore. if more voice artists were like him, the world would only need a hand full.
  • Rest in peace Mel Blanc.

    This celebrity knew how to do characters like Bugs Bunny and all of the other loveable Looney Tunes characters. I just hope while he is resting in Heaven as we speak the Loonatics show will not have him worrying about the ratings of the Looney Tunes media going down. We all miss you Mel Blanc. You made Looney Tunes one of the ebst things in the world. Warner Brothers, Hanna-Barbera, etc. would be nothing without you. Rest in peace.
  • It's about how he was an actor.

    During the 1950s, his parents got very proud of him. Warner Bros. were creating cartoons from the 1950s to the 1970s. The trademark year was in roman numbers because they did that for the old Americans who got this idea. The cartoons are in tecnicolour like "Old Area Colour". On Summer 2003, he was the voice for "Looney Tunes: Back in Action" and he got a reward for "The old voice on the way". Anyway, he got voices and he's a nice guy. When he was born, he feel like he was eating whole wheat bread. This was his good account. I am very proud of him.
  • Mel was and is just that, one of the all time greats. He was in voice over for over 50 years when he died and that\'s superb that it was that long. From Porky to Heathcliff he will be missed.

    Overall, besides Frank, Don, Daws, John and Casey Mel was the king of voice over along with all of the men I named. Sadly half of them are dead but they will contuined to entertain us for years to come therefore,I give Mel Blanc an 10 out of 10 and that\'s all folks.