Mel Ferrer





8/25/1917 , Elberon, New Jersey, USA



Birth Name

Melchoir Gaston Ferrer




Mel Ferrer is an actor, director, and producer, born August 25, 1917 in Elberon, New Jersey into a wealthy and influential family. His mother was a Manhattan socialite and his Cuban-born father a respected surgeon. While attending Princeton University, Ferrer worked in summer stock. He eventually made his way to Broadway as a chorus dancer and actor. After a bout with polio he drifted for a while, writing and working as a disc jockey. In 1945 he returned to Broadway to direct Cyrano de Bergerac, and then began directing motion pictures. Although Ferrer was uncomfortable acting, the roles kept coming. From his first screen performance in 1949 in Lost Boundaries, Ferrer went on to act in about 80 films. He much preferred directing, producing and directing some 20 feature films over his lifetime. Ferrer was married five times, including 16 years to Audrey Hepburn. He portrayed Prince Andrei alongside Hepburn in War and Peace (1956), and produced suspense thriller Wait Until Dark (1967), in which Hepburn gave a critically acclaimed performance as a terrorized blind woman. In the 60s he turned to television, producing and acting in several series. Although he never achieved major stardom, he was acknowledged with a star on the Walk of Fame in recognition of his many contributions to the Hollywood motion picture industry. Jose Ferrer died June 2, 2008, at age 90.