Melanie Brown

Melanie Brown


5/29/1975, Leeds, England

Birth Name

Melanie Janine Brown



Also Known As

Mel B, Scary Spice
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Melanie Brown is best known as Scary Spice or Mel b from the 1990s girl band, the Spice Girls. The Spice Girls released three albums, selling 55+ million records worldwide and a film in 1997. She made her theatre debut in Lodnon in The Vagina Monologues and also…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Funny actually.

    Love her realness. Love SPICEGIRLS!
  • Dancing with the stars Mel B and Maksim Chmerkovskiy had some real chemistry. We all noticed it. Even Stephan Belofonte. How ever you spell his last name. it isn't even important.moreless

    In many interviews Mel and Maks as they were referred to one the show, flirted a lot. In many of their dances Maks always grabbed or smacked her "Bum" as she would call it. We all know there had to be something going on with the two of them.

    In their interviews, notice how they're always either holding hands, Maks has his arm around her and he has her hand over his, she's always infront of him and leaning on him, or touching in some way. Obviously they couldn't keep they're hands off each other!

    In their second Viennese Waltz, at the end of their dance they were supposed to kiss. Yes on the lips. Notice how Mel was actually going to do it and Maks just turned his head. He was interviewed about that later on and he just simply replied, "I saved her marriage." Mel was going to go through with it. She was actually going to kiss him. A married woman. Of course no one could resist that hunk of a man.

    After their samba, they were both interviewed about why she said sorry after they finished their dance. Here is the whole interview.

    EW: Usually, you get handed a song to dance to. Did you have any say in choosing "Spice Up Your Life" for the samba?

    Mel: They gave it to me, actually, and said, "Do you want to change it? If you do, then we understand," but I was, like, "No, I love it. We wrote it!"

    Maks: Well, we had to slow it down a little bit, it was kind of fast.

    EW: Was the encore any easier since the pressure was off?

    Mel: No! It's just as nerve-wracking because I want to make sure I do my best and don't mess up on any level. You're used to it, Maks. Especially to me messing up.

    Maks: She messed up three times yesterday.

    Mel: You didn't tell me that! You only told me about one mistake. If you had said three times, I wouldn't have slept last night.

    Maks: Exactly, and you wouldn't have been dancing today, you would have been all nervous and making up injuries and not coming to rehearsals.

    EW: You had an injury?

    Mel: I have an eye infection.

    Maks: (Rolling eyes) And next week it's going to be something else.

    Mel: Where are my shoes? [The ABC staffer assigned with their safety seems to have wandered off.]

    EW: Mel, you said "I'm sorry" to Maks at the end of the dance, what was that about?

    Mel: You know why? Because I turned around...

    Maks: She hit me right in my mouth...

    Mel: I looked and he was flat on his back. I gave him a back crack!

    Maks: I was in between your boobs.

    Mel: I don't remember that. Ha, you loved it.

    Maks: Every second.

    EW: OK, we're getting a little intimate here. So Maks, it's safe to say Mel is your favorite Spice Girl now, but who was it 10 years ago when they were at the height of their popularity?

    Maks: Most of them are very heterosexual so I was not looking at the Spice Girls...

    EW: Huh? What do you mean?

    Mel: Yeah, what are you saying?

    Maks: I wasn't a fan of the Spice Girls. It was a girly thing to do.

    Mel: Or if you're eight years old…

    Maks: Doesn't mean I don't like girls. The Spice Girls, I mean. They were all very nice, but (with slight linguistic frustration), forget it, she is my favorite, okay?

    obviously, Maks does have feelings for her. And i'm more than sure something really went on between them.

    I dont know if it's just me, but i personally HATE her hubby SB. She doesn't love him. She should of gone with Maks while she had the chance. On a video they have Mel and Maks walking of a club holding hands. Suspicious?? Sure in the dance floor body language is very common, but they dont have to do it while they're not dancing do they??

    There are so many hints of what could have happened, or what actually did happen. What do you think?moreless