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  • Kathi is the sole character of Darcy's Wild Life who can conjure a hilarious response in her vocalization of any area of her script including minor responses in dialogue.

    Ms. Leishman is of the most talented actresses appearing on adolescent-targeted television. Her accolades must excel beyond the standards of Darcy's Wild Life to allow her evolution. She exhibits passion and drama for her role yet the writers continue to condescend Kathi into a supporting token. She is lowered to an elemnt of comic relief. Positive or negative, the few moments involving her are the strongest. She exhibits body language that corresponds to her vocal tone and exaggeration. This allows her to be the only fully developed character among the cast.

    These days childhood shows are dwarfed by their trite over exemplification of its values. Actors are forced to recess into the shadows of the plot's structure. Darcy's Wild Life is no exception. Still it stands the test of time. Its focus lies not solely on preteen moral rhetoric and predictable farce. Its originality stems from concern centered on ecological preservation inent on enriching this concern on its niche of preteens without shying slapstick banter and clever plots. An increase of Leishmans involvement here confirms the program's continuity of effective info-tainment. This is perfect practice for Ms. Leishman. There is no doubt that Stan Rogow realizes her contribution. Beauty and talent makes the sky her limit.

    Marcel N.

    University of New Mexico director,screenwriter, criticmoreless
  • she is awwesome, i met her with some friends in urban outfitters and she's so cool.woot! go melanie!

    she is awwesome, i met her with some friends in urban outfitters and she's so cool.woot! go melanie! i think she should get her own tv show about her moving from that town bailey into a big city, then it would be like opposite of darcy. anyway, shes awesome. yahhhhhhh