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  • She is awsome.

    I love Melina. I watched her in Providance and I loved her. Now I watch her in CSI: NY. She is so talented. She plays a strong minded and funny detective in the show. She is able to act in every kind of situation. Wheater she is mad, happy, or sad. She can play the victim and the detective. She is an outstanding actress. I hope that CSI: NY keeps on going for a long time just so I can see Melina act. I love her acting and I will watch whatever she is in. I hope she keeps on acting for a long time.
  • Stella Bonasera is Mac Taylor's second-in-command, n right-hand woman in the team of Investigators they led in NYPD crime lab.She's half-Italian and half-Greek,who lived in the orphanage during her childhood.She has strong personality,and very determined.

    I love the way she portrays Stella Bonasera in CSI:NY. To be able to shows a hard-core woman who is still woman after all, isn't easy. She makes the character believable, unique, and attractive. In the world that is starting to loose it's ground of differing woman and man's role, Stella is probably one of the best examples of how women can stand out, without taking the roles which belongs to men; to be uniquely a woman. She's the part of the team that makes it dynamic, and she makes the best partner for the uptight Mac. And Melina does a very good job portraying this great character. I'd like to see her plays some other characters in different shows/movies in the future.
  • What a wonderful smile she has!

    I only became familiar with Melina through her work on CSI:NY as Mac Taylor's second in command, Stella Bonasera. I have also seen her on Ellen and she seems like a really nice person. She has a lovely motherly presence about her and I think her kids are blessed with a wonderful mom.

    Stella is my favorite person on the CSI:NY team. I think she is a terrific colleague and would be great to work with. She is a friend to everyone, supports her teammates and has their backs, is professional, works with integrity and knows how to have fun.

    I was reading her quotes here and a couple struck me in particular: I realized that it's okay to take risks and make choices based on your heart as opposed to your pocket book or anybody else's opinion.

    That combined with her comment that saving money has allowed her to make decisions based on [her] heart rather than financial need is pretty special. It touches me personally because I was raised to believe that money was THE thing and I have been very fortunate to learn that it most certainly is not.

    Melina talks about making heart centered decisions and living a heart centered - as opposed to a money centered - life and I think that pretty rare in our culture.

    Lastly, when a person says that watching my parents crawling around on the floor with my kids - and becoming children again - is the greatest gift ever, you know that they get it. One of friends says that Stella is just a character and that may be true, but it takes a good actress to bring her alive and Melina is that and much more.
  • Melina is absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous! Amazing! Every adjective among those I apply to her. Melina is a very animated, very happy fun loving woman who is so hard not to like.

    Melina is my personal favorite so far. I'm quarter armenian, she's greek/italian, I don't know. I've made a personal bond. LoL. She is just gorgeous! I can't get over it! She loves to use her hands when she talks and loves to laugh and have fun. She is a wonderful mother with two daughters and is totally family centered. I adore her as Stella Bonesera on CSI: NY. She makes quite the kick butt detective who almost always has all the answers and if she doesn't will make sure that she finds them. Her job playing that character is spectacular! She speaks Green/italian (I think) which is really cool. She loves the people she is surrounded by. I have seen her in a movie and on the soap opera she used to be on, but I think CSI: NY is my favorite show that she has made an appearance. Another woman who deserves another Emmy. Go Melina!
  • She's the most genuine actress, definitely.

    She is really gorgeous, and when she plays her characters, there is always something so genuine about it; that is what I like about her most.
    When Stella from CSI: NY had those nasty "problems" with her "boyfriend" Frankie, Kanakaredes did an ingenious job on playing her desperation after shooting him.
    Also, I really liked her in "Into the Fire", where she played that double-role as her twin and herself. For all those who only know her from her roles on TV: I strongly recommend that you watch her interview with Ellen deGeneres on YouTube, it is really funny. Melina tries to teach Ellen a traditional Greek dance.
  • I LOVE HER!!!

    I watched Melina as a 7 year - old child from a sitting room in Kildare, Ireland. She taught me that I could do anything I wanted. The next day I was told I was moving to America. Rhode Island to be precise and to be even more precise; Providence. I always had followed her and thought that living in America must be the best life. When I got the chance to live their I found out that Ihad been right ALL along!!!!! I know this hardly has anything to dowith Ms. Kanakeredes but she was an inspiration for me.
    I love her in her new role of C.S.I. on the NY version of the show, IT's fab. I hope to see much more of her in the near future!!!!
  • I think Melina Kanakaredes is one of the best actresses around today.She portrays the character she is playing very well in everything she does.Although I am not thrilled with every show that she is in, I simply adore her and the part she plays.Does she h

    I think she is an excellent star and enjoy everything she does..She is talented, beautiful and of course very sexy.I rated her a 10 beacause she is the best of the best of todays actors and actresses.She is down to earth and is not of that artificial kind that you realize is just acting.
  • great actress

    i am great providence fan and i have watched all episodes aired here in The Netherlands just because of Melina Kanakaredes her great acting.
    when i learned that she was going to be in CSI: New York it gave me a new show to watch seeing that not all of the providence episodes were showed here.
    But as i said i just loved here in Povidence as Dr. Sidney Hansen , it was a great role for her and i seen on the net that the character of Sidney was too much in control butithink that is an aspect why it could be hard to play.
    Rating 9/10