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  • Stella Bonasera is Mac Taylor's second-in-command, n right-hand woman in the team of Investigators they led in NYPD crime lab.She's half-Italian and half-Greek,who lived in the orphanage during her childhood.She has strong personality,and very determined.

    I love the way she portrays Stella Bonasera in CSI:NY. To be able to shows a hard-core woman who is still woman after all, isn't easy. She makes the character believable, unique, and attractive. In the world that is starting to loose it's ground of differing woman and man's role, Stella is probably one of the best examples of how women can stand out, without taking the roles which belongs to men; to be uniquely a woman. She's the part of the team that makes it dynamic, and she makes the best partner for the uptight Mac. And Melina does a very good job portraying this great character. I'd like to see her plays some other characters in different shows/movies in the future.