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  • Melina is absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous! Amazing! Every adjective among those I apply to her. Melina is a very animated, very happy fun loving woman who is so hard not to like.

    Melina is my personal favorite so far. I'm quarter armenian, she's greek/italian, I don't know. I've made a personal bond. LoL. She is just gorgeous! I can't get over it! She loves to use her hands when she talks and loves to laugh and have fun. She is a wonderful mother with two daughters and is totally family centered. I adore her as Stella Bonesera on CSI: NY. She makes quite the kick butt detective who almost always has all the answers and if she doesn't will make sure that she finds them. Her job playing that character is spectacular! She speaks Green/italian (I think) which is really cool. She loves the people she is surrounded by. I have seen her in a movie and on the soap opera she used to be on, but I think CSI: NY is my favorite show that she has made an appearance. Another woman who deserves another Emmy. Go Melina!