Melinda Clarke

Melinda Clarke


4/24/1972, Dana Point, California, United States

Birth Name

Melinda Patrice Clarke



Also Known As

Melinda Clarke-Mirich, Melinda Clark, Mindy Clarke
  • Melinda Clarke as Amanda on Nikita.
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She has a brother named Josh. She also has a sister, Heidi, who died from a tumor in 1994.

She has been married to Ernest "Ernie" Mirich since 1994 and has one daughter with him named Kathryn Grace.

She is a trained soprano and has a beautiful voice that your…more


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    • On what sets Lady Heather apart from her The O.C. persona, Julie Cooper

      Melinda: Both are very strong women, But Julie is a bigger challenge. She's a figure that doesn't exist in real life, she's a fictional character. As an actress this is a special situation. Actors love parts like that, I love such parts. You can breathe life into them on your own. However, Lady Heather is real. There are women like her out there, she's a typical representative of her trade.

    • Melinda: I don't let my daughter watch me kissing other men, especially young men like Chris Carmack.

    • Melinda: If you ask my daughter what she thinks of her mom on TV, she'll say, "I like her, but she's me-e-e-e-an."

    • Melinda: Our show [The O.C.] is very tight about plot twists. They send out memos saying we're not allowed to reveal that kind of stuff.

    • On her role as Julie Cooper Nichol on The O.C.

      Melinda: Well, in the beginning I think they were like, "We hate this woman. She's terrible. We can't stand her!" Now I think people tune in because they can't wait to see what she's going to do, and because they feel sorry for her.

    • About her CSI character, Lady Heather

      Melinda: She is one [a dominatrix]. But this is only a facet. In the first place she's a business woman, it's a different kind of business but definitely a ware that is sold. She sells wishes ... needs to her clients who pay for them. Lady Heather discovered a gap in the market, she sells something very exclusive and takes a lot of money for it.

    • Melinda: I'm getting a lot of roles as women who are very powerful. I think that's a reflection of me as a person.

  • MILF

    The O.C. is comprised of many wonderful and great characters it's hard to put one over the other in terms of importance. But if there's one that stands out amongst them all, it is Julie Nichol Cooper. She just added so much dynamics to the show with her manipulative and witch attitude, but then as she opens up to a more open character towards the end, she added a different type of spice to the show from being a b1tch to a swinger scraping for all the money she can get. Other than being the very definition of a MILF, her acting is just as reflective of her beauty.moreless
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    She is one of the best actresses on the OC. I really like her and I really like her style, she is simply magnificent. She is surely one of the best actresses that there are, I just think that she really needs to try to make up more films and more TV series like this. I really like her.