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    Good news for you Melinda Doolittle fans! She’s set to release her debut album titled, Coming Back to You on Hi-Fi Recordings in January 09. Produced by Grammy-nominated producer Mike Mangini (Joss Stone, Run DMC, The Jonas Brothers), Coming Back to You was recorded with a team of live musicians in Nashville and New York City.

    The first single, “It’s Your Love� will be released to radio in October.

    Keep you update about Melinda career at is a web site owned by Melinda Doolittle. Melinda’s Backups™ is a non-profit supportive association inspired by Melinda and authorized by her to operate this web site on behalf of her fans.
  • Not my style choice, but still good.

    I have to admit she is a great singer. She should've made it to the top 2, and been runner up. I do not think she could've beat Jordin. But I do think she deserved to destroy Blake. She is totally not my style, I don't know three quarters of the songs she chose to sing. But still she is a great singer, I don't know how the judges were at first concerned at that she was too shy. Also, just want to say this but when Jordin was performing This Is My Now you can see her face in the audience it was so screwed hahaha. So that's my review.
  • Melinda is awesome

    What could I say about Melinda Doolittle...ummmm...she is great i love her...she was the best singer in the competittion..the most professional one there...i would have to she was the best i've ever heard in all of American Idol...there was no one like her...she was so humble the whole time...she never thought she was better than anyone else...she's a christian, she loves Jesus...every single week she sang she always brought all that she had to the table...there's so many good things to say about her. I can't wait til she comes out with a CD and see her struting her stuff and she makes it in hollywood.
  • Melinda is a Superb Singer!

    Melinda Doolittle is the best singer of American Idol Season 6 in my opinion. Every judge so far thinks she is amazing, too. My favorite performance of hers so far is I'm A Woman because it gave me the chills it was so good. I really hope she wins American Idol and I will be the first person to buy her CD when it comes out. Others performances of hers on AI are: Since You Been Gone and My Funny Valentine along with I'm A Woman. This woman is just amazingly talented and she is the bomb! Go Melinda, yeah!