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  • 2005 American Idol Finalist, did America snooze on this one?

    Immeadiatly after Melinda was eliminated from from Idol, Randy Jackson said on Entertainment Tonight his only regret was Melinda Lira was kickred off. He and Paula said she was a Kelly Clarkson in thew making. We say her live in Hollywood this weekend with her own band and they were the highlight of the benefit concert, and they were the opening act. This artist has a special and unique voice and the talent to mezmerize an audience. She was playing for a biker crowd, after a Harley ride for Breast Cancer research, and even this tough crowd stood up and took notice. Biker Bob nationally syndicater radio personality commented after hearing Melinda, " I didn't know who she was before but now America will know"..."she will go far in the music world". Adelante Hispanos host Mike Rojas also praised Melinda after her appearance and performance on his LATV show.