Melissa Doyle

Melissa Doyle


2/10/1970, Sydney, Australia

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Melissa Jane Doyle was born on February 10, 1970, in Sydney, Australia. She was educated at Pymble Ladies' College, a well known Australian private girl's school with a great reputation, before attending Charles Sturt University for her tertiary education. Here she studied Communications, a necessary degree to attain…more


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    • Melissa: [asked for the best thing about being a presenter on Sunrise] Interviewing and meeting fascinating people. Interviewing Tom Cruise the day after his baby was born was pretty cool. Hugh Jackman and Eric Bana are favourites because they're so down-to-earth. I was completely nervous when we interview Jane Fonda - she's a huge star!

    • Melissa: [On her children] I'm really happy - it's funny because I wasn't a hugely maternal person. But it's so wonderful. I say to friends who don't have children, you have no idea the impact it has on you. Nothing else matters now except them.

    • Melissa: [On her second pregnancy] I'm so lucky, and I give thanks every day. I've had two great pregnancies. I didn't get sick a single day for either one of them. My husband, John, says I'm a textbook case. The books would say this will happen on this day, and sure enough, it would. I was so very lucky. I had two great births that went very smoothly and didn't have any complications at all, and now I have two gorgeous and healthy kids.

    • Melissa: [On her second child] I was sure I was having another boy. My pregnancy was the same as last time, so I'd resigned myself to having another boy. Not that it's bad, but I thought it would be a houseful of footy boots. So we had such a surprise when we had a girl. I was secretly excited I had a daughter. I thought, "I have a little shopping buddy".

    • Melissa: [On her university days] I'd finished my communications degree at Charles Sturt University, and I remember that on graduation day I'd come down with the 'flu, and all I wanted to do was crawl into bed. I'm here with my dad, Robert, and my mum, Virginia. I always wanted to study communications, and I knew exactly what university I wanted to go to, and what course. Thankfully I got in, because I didn't have any contingency plan. I spent three years at Bathurst, and loved every minute of it.

    • Melissa: I was absolutely horse-mad as a child ... I think I read Black Beauty about 50,000 times. I was one of those girls who always wanted to have a pony. My dad used to take me riding at a pony club on weekends. I would still love to ride today, but I never get the opportunity. It's such an expensive hobby when you live in the city.

    • Melissa: (on her husband, John) The driver took this photograph of my husband, John, and me on our wedding day, and we took it with us when we left our reception. We put it beside the bed, and when we woke the next morning, I remember looking at it thinking 'Oh my God, we're married!'. It looks like one of those cardboard cut-outs they have at fairs. We met on a blind date, and were married two years later. I remember thinking he was a bit different and special. And he says he knew straight away that I was the one.

    • Melissa: (on running with the Olympic torch in 2000) I knew that running with the Olympic torch would be exciting, but nothing can prepare you for the feeling. I felt I was one little link in this enormous chain right around the world, and that my little run was significant. I was surprised by how overwhelmed I was. And I was pregnant with Nicholas at the time, so it was exciting that he was sort of running with the torch also.

    • Melissa: (on working on "The Today Show") We're a photo-happy family. I've always known what I have wanted to do, and I've been lucky I've found an industry I really love working in. And I particularly love working in the new Sunrise studio. Because the show is so interactive, you feel really close to the audience. When we walk out into the plaza, they all want to say 'Hi', and you're actually meeting the people you're doing the show for - it's really nice.

    • Melissa Doyle: Welcome back, you're watching Sunrise, Live at Brekkie Central.

    • Melissa (on fitness): I don't play any team or organised sports any more, but I get to the gym when I can. But I much prefer to pop my little one in the pram and head out for a good walk straight after the show. I also spend most of my Sunday afternoons at the local oval, playing World Cup soccer with my son!

    • Melissa (on meeting Elmo): Fantastic! He was very funny and cheeky and cute. My kids thought it was great... finally Mum interviewed someone really famous!

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  • Acting like children

    They say you can't believe everything you read but if it's true what the New Idea says about the inhouse fighting amongst you lot well I think it stinks. I think you all get too much money when little people like have to struggle to make ends meet. Also all of you go on about being kind to each other and to stop bullying well it seems you lot are not doing that. Stop acting like little kids.moreless
  • A great talent and one of the reasons behind Channel 9's struggling ratings as Channel 7 surges forward. A true success story.

    Melissa Doyle was one of the original hosts of the weekday morning show Sunrise on Channel 7. However, it did not receieve terrific ratings and was beaten everyday by its rival Today on Channel 9, eventually prompting Channel 7 to axe the show in 1998. It returned in 2000, almost remarkably with Mel still in the hosting role. Channel 7 could see the potential that Mel had. And they were right. But Channel 7 was to wait a little longer, as Mel left in 2001 on maternity leave.

    However, upon her return on Sunrise she was co-host with David Koch, and the pair had instant success. Mel's great sense of humour and carefree spirit keeps the show running as successfully as it does. She is great at communicating with other people, essential for her daily interviews that she carries out with the show's guests. She thrives through them, showing off her great interviewing skills, providing the viewer with the information that they want to hear.

    I have actually met Melissa Doyle (as well as David Koch and the rest of the team) a few times and I was pleasantly surprised to find she is the same person off-camera to on-camera, and she takes time to answer everybody's questions. She is a genuinely nice, warm, friendly person. It's good to see that a person of her talent has finally been appreciated by the masses, and now Sunrise is thrashing Today in the ratings.moreless