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  • The girl is in the wrong show and should be in House playing the new love of Wilson.

    I have to say that her role in Grey's Anatomy as Sadie is very good but for me the girl is in the wrong show and should be in House playing the new love of Wilson. It can be perfect trying to exterminate House from Wilson's life ignoring him and acting more crazy than he is. I can imagine her stealing his walking stick, replacing his Vicodin pills with placebo, jamming all the TVs the time of his favorite shows and burning his house to the ground. The only thing is that by doing so House gets his revenge when he moves in with her and Wilson.
  • Australian actress making it in the States

    Melissa George was born in August 1976, and hit the screens as fiesty Angel in Home and Away in 1993. She was originally a red head, and dyed her hair slightly lighter until she was blonde, and no one noticed until she stood next to a publicity shot. She left in 1996 to take on the States where she made the film Dark City and other films such as Mullholland Drive, and Amityville Horror, as well as sitcom Friends, and the series Charmed and Alias. In 2007 she was named as the face of Napoleon. Fantastic actress who has done well for herself.
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    I know her from her role on Alias. The only thing that really mattered when it came to this role was making sure her and Michael Varten could pass off as husband and wife, which she did very well. The blockbuster episode that was Full Disclosure was pretty shocking too and I thought she did a very good job the entire second half of that season pretending to be good but ended up being bad. I think her looks were most of the reason why I liked her as much as I did, because in the end she wasnt used all that much to really get the 9.2 rating, but shes did a very good job with what the producers asked of her.