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  • Overated and a has been.

    Bad actress.
  • Best on show

    Melissa Gilbert was a spectacular Laura Elizabeth Ingalls wilder. She matched Laura so perfectly. it was like she was born to be Laura Ingalls Wilder. She was great in season nine and was a good fake fighter. Her interviews are wonderful. She made Laura's bad moments better because she was talented. I loved and still love her connection with Michael Landon. She brought the better actors and actresses in some of her co stars. She is remarkable. She made some of the things Laura wears look modern and fancy instead of poor country. She was pretty good in sacrifices of the heart. She is sooooo great.
  • Great talented smart actor

    I could not wait until Little House came on I would sit in front of the tv. I would not move until the show was over each week.Melissa Gilbet played a great role on Little House.She was 3 years old when she started acting and she was 10 when she took the role as Laura Ingalls on Little House.In her 20's Little house did a few movies witch she was in , in the 80's.She has since been in a number of tv shows and movies.She is very talented very down to earth actor , we have all watched her grow up on tv.
  • If you grew up in the 1970s or have watched a lot of re-runs of 'Little House on the Prairie', then you certainly know who Melissa Gilbert is.

    Melissa Gilbert was one of the best known child actors of her generation. Her portrayal of Laura Ingalls Wilder in 'Little House on the Prairie' was hailed as brilliant by critics and fans alike. For a decade, we watched Melissa grow up and wow us with her amazing acting skills. Her portrayal of Laura was just about flawless. Add to that an excellent job playing Helen Keller alongside Patty Duke in a remake of 'The Miracle Worker' and it's easy to see why this young lady was so acclaimed.

    Unfortunately, like so many highly successful child actors, Melissa was typecast due to her years playing Laura and her work as an adult, while excellent, has not been in the same calibre. It is indeed a pity because I for one would be more than happy to see this excellent actress, and former President of the Screen Actors Guild, back on our screens in a strong, recurring role.
  • My favorite childhood actress

    I love this beautiful, sweet and talented. I loved Little House On The Prairie..and i loved other movies in which she starred. I was so surprised to see her in Nip Tuck...She did a great job and her story (with the dog problem) was interesting if i can say so.
    I remember another movie of hers...where she thought she was another person, a girl that was abducted (finally she remembered that she was the abductor's daughter)...i liked that movie too...Anyway she isn't such a big star but maybe it's better for her. Hope to see her in other movies soon.
  • she was talented and pretty, yeah i enjoyed watching her,and ofcourse other, especially Landon, but mostly her and Anderson. she was talented and pretty.The show was clean and sweet, Of how the west was won. Landon did those western shows, word,dog,sexy,.

    She is pretty and talented, Love to watch her, made the show worth looking at,along with her sister actor, Anderson,
    They were both good and nice to look at. Show is based on laura books. Hey i trying to think of another subjects.:)
    The show was a good western, no violence ,or shootouts. Bonanza had good looking guys, so to speak(guy) and this one had three nice looking ladies,including Michelle whatever,Micheal landon played a good cowboy,He had some nice daughters in the movie,and a nice looking wife,Here I am Rambling again,
    Rambling man, words,words,words.words,sexy,cute,heartwarming.
  • Very talented and pretty

    Used to watch Little House beginning
    As a kid that grew up in Miami
    Living with my siblings at the time
    But my sister really, really, loves LHOTP
    Wished that she would have had a second hit show to follow up
    But nonetheless, Gilbert has those tv-movies to her credit
    To keep her in the limelight
    Great show for the whole entire family to watch
    Nothing bad nor violent just squeaky clean entertainment.
  • Melissa Gilbert is talented, beautiful, and sweet.

    I think Melissa Gilbert is a very talented actress. I loved her in Little House. She played Laura wonderful and she\'s so beautiful. I just started watching Little House, but I already love it. I wish she would of stayed in the spot light because you don\'t hear from her that much anymore.