Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy


8/26/1970, Plainfield, Illinois, USA

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Melissa McCarthy


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  • Melissa McCarthy on Mike & Molly.
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Melissa McCarthy, an American actress, is known for her portrayal of Sookie St. James on the critically acclaimed series, Gilmore Girls.

Melissa started her career by doing stand up comedy in New York. She made her first mark in New York at The Stand Up New York…more


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    • (on comparisons between Dena of "Samantha Who?" and Sookie of "Gilmore Girls")
      Melissa: At first I was afraid they were going to be pretty similar because they're both pretty bubbly and kind of high-energy. But the more I get into Samantha Who? I think it's the possibilities of Dena that make them very different.

    • (on wishing to be 20 again)
      Melissa: If you really think about it, those were hard years. To learn everything through the process of failing certain things, that wasn't all fun! Maybe you want to go back and have key moments.

    • (on the relationship between her character Dena and Sam in "Samantha Who?")
      Melissa: You have those friends that you were so close with all through grade school and really have a history with them. That stuff still counts, and I think that's what gives them their nice relationship.

    • (about having a lot of dialogue in "Gilmore Girls")
      Melissa: It was never not in my mind that I couldn't complain what I had to do when Lauren [Graham] had, like, 700 pages a week! She has close to a photographic memory, and I don't know if they ever realized that if she hadn't had that memory, the show would have been literally impossible.

    • Melissa: We are so excited about the baby. I'm hoping the baby has a lot of Ben's calm traits and less of my spazzy ones.

    • (On "Gilmore Girls")
      Melissa: I think it's hit 100 shows because of all its different characters.

    • Melissa: It is amazing to have the same steady job for five years.

    • (On working on the movie "The Life of David Gale")
      Melissa: It was such a fun thing to do especially when there's no risk of how far it's going to go. If he would have let me, I guess I would have had to keep going. It was really fun to kind of spread that energy around.

    • (On dressing for her role in the movie "The Life of David Gale")
      Melissa: The first time it took about 5 or 6 hours to get into the braids and the dreads, and then I just kept it on the whole time, which was interesting to walk around like that. People give you some looks.

    • (On her 'Goth' character in the movie "The Life of David Gale")
      Melissa: Strangely, I was really gothic in high school so it was very familiar to me. I fear that a lot of people would see me who haven't seem me since high school and think, "Oh my God, she hasn't changed at all." It's real embarrassing; I still don't dress like that, it was just for the movie. My mom has seen it all - the piercings and the craziness - and I think she's glad I didn't stick with it.

    • (from an interview on "The Life of David Gale")
      Melissa: You always figure out your own backstory. Everyone's perception of that will be different, which is kind of fun.

  • Melissa McCarthy is...

    One of the most funniest and greatest actresses ever. She's amazing!!!
  • Melissa - An exeptionally gifted woman! <3 Her

    I was introduced to Melissa McCarthy when she played Snookie on Gilmore Girls. What a gifted woman! Her talent shines through every time she takes the stage. It's so great to see a realistic person on TV such as her roll in Mike and Molly!

    It's so nice to see someone who isn't a size zero in a roll where she's a lead character. I love the confidence she portrays and the comfort she brings to those of us that were not blessed with a small frame. She's realistic and hilarious to watch.

    From what I've read, she's an exceptional person who's obviously very talented.

    I have been trying to get more information on her clothing line. I will continue to seek this out and hope to obtain some of her creations soon!

    I hope to continue to see Melissa in many rolls for years to come! Thank you for bringing joy and laughter into our homes!!moreless