Melissa O'Neil

Melissa O'Neil


7/12/1988, Calgary, AB

Birth Name

Melissa O'Neil



Also Known As

Melissa ONeil
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Melissa O'Neil was the third Canadian Idol winner in 2005 and the first female to take the title. She was born and raised in Calgary, AB. Singing was always a part of her life, while growing up, but really started to get good at it in her early…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Melissa was nominated for a JUNO Award in 2007, in the category of "New Artist of the Year." She is up against the another Canadian Idol winner, Eva Avila, for this award.

    • On November 30, 2006, Melissa left on a tour to entertain the troops overseas; she performed in Germany, Belgium and Dubai.

    • Melissa has a younger brother, Colin, whom she co-wrote a song for on her debut album.

    • While Melissa and Rex Goudie were being interviewed by CTV, Rex finally came clean and admitted that Melissa and he had been dating since about week 3 of the Canadian Idol's third season. The news broke April 6th 2006, which means they had dated for about 35 weeks before the news was confirmed.

    • For her first album, Melissa co-wrote Safe Place to Hide for her younger borther. She did this to let him know she is looking out for him, even when she is miles away.

    • As of June 2006 her first CD went Gold in Canada, while her first single went four times Platinum in Canada. The single also reached the Top 10 on Canadian radio charts.

    • Melissa debut single (Alive) was released October 4, 2005.

    • Melissa was part of the Canadian Idol Season 3 compliation CD (Canadian Idol - High Notes). On that CD she sang a cover of Martina McBride's Concrete Angel.

    • Melissa O'Neil's debut CD was a self-titled (Melissa O'Neil) album released in Novemeber 2005 by Sony BMG Music (Canada).

    • Melissa was encouraged to join singing activities, because of her voice, which lead her to try out for the Canadian Idol show.

    • Growing up, Melissa often listened to Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday.

    • For fun, Melissa used to design her own websites before winning Canadian Idol.

    • Melissa shares a birthday with Bill Cosby.

    • Melissa was the youngest winner of the Canadian Idol crown at the time that she won. She had only turned 17 a few months earlier. She was also the youngest winner of any North American Idol contest at that the time.

    • Melissa was the first female winner of the Canadian Idol contest, and the third winner of the Canadian Idol crown.

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