Melissa Peterman

Melissa Peterman


7/1/1970, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Birth Name

Melissa Margaret Peterman



Also Known As

Melissa Margaret Peterman
  • The cast of Baby Daddy Season 1.
  • Melissa Peterman on Baby Daddy Season 1.
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Melissa hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota. After graduating from Minnesota State University with theater as one of her majors, she was cast as Madeline Monroe in Hey City Theater's production of Tony & Tina's Wedding. Melissa had more than 600 performances before she went on to work as a…more


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    • Melissa: There's nothing I like better than performing in front of people, and I'm happiest when I can make someone laugh.

    • Melissa: If it really is a small world, why haven't I met Sean Connery yet?

    • Melissa: She is the most likable woman, truly she is, with dignity, honesty, and a very genuine personality. And very funny!

    • Melissa: I'm always doing characters, and I have fun doing my mother. (in a thick Minnesota accent) "Well, Melissa, L.A. is real crazy out there, ya know. I heard they rioted after they won a basketball game. Gosh, if they riot after they win, imagine what would happen if they lose!"

    • Melissa: I was friends with my husband for four years before we fell in love. If I had a rule book, I'd include one about how you need to like the person before you love them. The like never goes away, even when they're driving you crazy."

    • Melissa: When I was little I used to say, "When I grow up, I want to be a lawyer or an actress." And my dad would say, "Well, they're the same thing, except that you'll probably make money with one." He meant lawyer.

    • Melissa: My husband and I both consider ourselves funny people - we met doing improv - and our biggest fear is having a kid who has no sense of humor. We go, What if our kid has no sense of timing? What happens if our kid doesn't get us?

  • Hahahahaha!

    Melissa Peterman is so funny on Reba. She plays Barbra Jean Hart, Brock's second wife. She completely cracks me up on that show. She acts all nutty and silly, and she says the funniest things! I remember the one episode of Reba where she was talking about two ways to handle bullies. The second way was funny. She said, "You can buy them presents." Hahaha, that cracked me up! She is hilarious as Barbra Jean. It'f funny how she attaches herself to Reba, and Reba's always trying to get rid of her. Haha! I think in real life though, Melissa and Reba are good friends. That's what I heard anyway. Melissa is so funny, and I wish I could tell her that. She totally rocks!moreless
  • This is one funny women!

    I love Melissa Peterman so much! She is hilarious not only in front of the cameras, but she is just a hoot behind them. She is so grateful for her fans and only she could have made the Barbra Jean character on Reba so likable. She is also one of the many people from "Reba" who I would absolutely kill to meet. Her backstage stuff is hilarious. Also, she is always very real and sincere in what she does. It is easy to see while watching her that she is loving what she does and trying to do it the best she can. Go Melissa!moreless