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  • Hahahahaha!

    Melissa Peterman is so funny on Reba. She plays Barbra Jean Hart, Brock's second wife. She completely cracks me up on that show. She acts all nutty and silly, and she says the funniest things! I remember the one episode of Reba where she was talking about two ways to handle bullies. The second way was funny. She said, "You can buy them presents." Hahaha, that cracked me up! She is hilarious as Barbra Jean. It'f funny how she attaches herself to Reba, and Reba's always trying to get rid of her. Haha! I think in real life though, Melissa and Reba are good friends. That's what I heard anyway. Melissa is so funny, and I wish I could tell her that. She totally rocks!
  • This is one funny women!

    I love Melissa Peterman so much! She is hilarious not only in front of the cameras, but she is just a hoot behind them. She is so grateful for her fans and only she could have made the Barbra Jean character on Reba so likable. She is also one of the many people from "Reba" who I would absolutely kill to meet. Her backstage stuff is hilarious. Also, she is always very real and sincere in what she does. It is easy to see while watching her that she is loving what she does and trying to do it the best she can. Go Melissa!
  • Melissa Peterman is more commonly known as Barbara-Jean Hart

    Melissa Peterman is a very talented woman who I believe deserves to co-star in high profile comedic sitcom. Although her acting style is more commonly seen on stage, it has an amazing comedic presence on screen. If she were to appear in another sitcom , she would need to be a character with similar qualities to Barbara - Jean, that is to say, her acting abilities need to be complemented by an actor that does not rely on physicality for humour. Melissa has had once in a lifetime opportunity that most actors only dream about: myself included. I believe that Melissa Petmeran has an amazing career ahead of her, and I wish her the best of luck.

    Logan Miller
  • Barabra Jean Funny-Girl!

    :P :P Melissa Petemen is a very funny women, especially on "Reba" where she plays brocks mistress. She acts like a dimb ditz, yet a very religious women. With the way she responds to the environment, she fits perfectly into this TV show. You can always get a laugh at the way Melissa acts(barbra jean). Personal Favourte!!!
  • plays Barbara Jean on Reba

    What can be said about Melissa Peterman, well I've only seen her on Reba, where she plays Barbara Jean Hart, Brock's hyper, new wife, who really wants Reba to like her, and eventually Reba comes to tolerate her.

    Barbara Jean and Van are the craziest characters on the show, they always seem to mess up, and they always seem to have the wittiest lines, and Melissa really put it all into her character, and though I find Barbara Jean annoying at times, you can't help but love her crazy personality.
  • Melissa Peterman is Hilarious!!

    Melissa Peterman is Hilarious!! I watch the show Reba just to see what funny things she has to say! She showed us around the set of Reba on the Season 1 DVD and cracked me up through the whole thing! Her character is what is so funny but you can tell it's also her real life personality. She is now a mother, and is still able to act on Reba. If Reba ever goes off air I hope she stars in another sitcom because it would be a real lost in the TV world with out her!! Good Luck to Melissa!!
  • Nice to see some Minnesota Nice can pay off!

    I grew up with Melissa, or Missy as we called her, Peterman in Burnsville, Minnesota. She was friends with most of the girls I got beat up by, I mean played with, when I was little. She was active in high school theatre (I don't know how she stood it. The HS theatre director had told ME to think about another profession, the nerve of the guy, after I laughed uncontrollably in his class when my acting partner spouted the previously unrehearsed lines, "Kiss me, Johnny!"). I saw Missy in a God awful annual high school revue called Showtime where she sang Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini or Cuz I'm a Blonde or both. I wasn't really paying that much attention as I was too busy trying to dodge anybody who might see me there with my mom as my date (a role she has played too many times since I might add). I later bumped into Missy at an audition for an educational theatre touring company called CLIMB. I took a role, she didn't. She was smarter than I was, and still is! I saw her once more in a Brave New Workshop improvisation class. She was a substitute instructor for one class period. I didn't pay much attention to those classes (I had won a free scholarship to them based on an audition I gave that I thought was for an actual show) and I dropped out shortly after joining to audition for actual paying gigs. After that I worked 2 seasons with The Mystery Cafe (an improv and comedy dinner theatre) and 2 seasons at Park Square Theatre (a nice little St. Paul venue) in Romeo and Juliet in the thankless roles of the Apothecary and Abraham (I know, who's Abraham?). I just passed on a third season the other day. Minnesota theatre just doesn't pay enough. Missy did the right thing in branching out. Funny how two people can grow up together, start careers together, and one end up on a hit sitcom and the other working crappy temp jobs and writing reviews about people for no reason at 8 AM on a Sunday. I hope my football picks for today go better than my pathetic life has. Anyway, Missy was always a very nice person. My best friend's parents always wanted him to go out with her. His loss, and Minnesota's loss, is the rest of the world's gain. Here's to continued success for some Minnesota Nice that paid off. Way to go Missy!