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    • Melissa: There's nothing I like better than performing in front of people, and I'm happiest when I can make someone laugh.

    • Melissa: If it really is a small world, why haven't I met Sean Connery yet?

    • Melissa: She is the most likable woman, truly she is, with dignity, honesty, and a very genuine personality. And very funny!

    • Melissa: I'm always doing characters, and I have fun doing my mother. (in a thick Minnesota accent) "Well, Melissa, L.A. is real crazy out there, ya know. I heard they rioted after they won a basketball game. Gosh, if they riot after they win, imagine what would happen if they lose!"

    • Melissa: I was friends with my husband for four years before we fell in love. If I had a rule book, I'd include one about how you need to like the person before you love them. The like never goes away, even when they're driving you crazy."

    • Melissa: When I was little I used to say, "When I grow up, I want to be a lawyer or an actress." And my dad would say, "Well, they're the same thing, except that you'll probably make money with one." He meant lawyer.

    • Melissa: My husband and I both consider ourselves funny people - we met doing improv - and our biggest fear is having a kid who has no sense of humor. We go, What if our kid has no sense of timing? What happens if our kid doesn't get us?