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  • Awesome

    I love her character and the actor brings it to life. Awesome job and great comedy timing. I'm also the type that would pick Melissa/Bernadette over penny/whats her name. But that's me.
  • Amazingly funny as heck!!


    Recently began watching big bang theory on TBS, nowI own all four seasons on DVD (yes, it's that good)! Did some research on the show & wanted to know about that actors and their previous work, etc. Had no idea Melissa was a well known comedian so I started watching what limited videos I could find on the internet regarding her comedy & it only left me wanting more!! This woman is friggin hysterical!! Wish I could find a clip on her Jenna Bush skit, I know I'll laugh til I cry! Well, she already does that when I watch her in big bang - she's fantastic in that show! She is just so good at delivering her lines, her comedic timing is perfect, and she just knows how to use her whole self (I mean body language, voice, expression) when telling any joke (or line). I'm really glad I decided to look into her career, I've been pleasantly surprised at what I discovered & will be on the look out for any of her newer stuff. She's won me over as a fan, that's for sure!

  • Melissa Rauch is top notch.

    She is AWESOME. she is SO funny, and she would be amazing on a sitcom. she is completely together, quick, funny and down to earth. Her humor is exceptional. everyone loves her who has seen her in her new show in NYC \\\"the Miss education of Jenna Bush\\\" (which you MUST see if you get a chance, at the Village of the top shows, hilarious, well written and COMPLETELY worth your time!