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    • Melissa: It was a chatty carpet last year of the nominees and since they're now presenters, this year's group should be chatty as well.

    • Melissa: I've never seen him avoid it. Jack Nicholson sometimes does the carpet for photos but generally doesn't do interviews.

    • Melissa: Forest Whitaker is going to be a big get on the carpet. So is Eddie Murphy, who's been reticent to talk to the press.

    • Melissa: I'm so excited about the 1000th interview. My mom's first interview on the Red Carpet with John Travolta seems like yesterday. Here's to a thousand more. And don't fear Mom, I'll be there just in case you can't remember who it is.

    • Melissa: Jerry is supposed to be this great macho dog, but after we finished interviewing Jerry, our cameras caught Al's dog humping Brock, a 4 1/2-year-old male German shepherd. It was really disturbing.

    • Melissa: The interviews have been a little tough due to the fact that we're interviewing dogs. We see a lot of contestants licking themselves, but we're used to that from covering the Grammys.

    • Melissa: It's the most prestigious dog show in the country. We love dogs, and we're having a blast out here.