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    • Melissa Sue Anderson: (about her "Little House" character going blind in Season 4 of the show) It was exciting and challenging at the beginning, but a very difficult thing to sustain over a period of years. As far as what Mary could do, my character became limited because she couldn't see. There were a lot of situations I shouldn't have been in involved in, but for the viewers' sake I had to be, so they wouldn't think Mary had disappeared. But being blind, she probably wouldn't have been in those situations. This, ultimately, is the reason why I decided not to stay with the show and only do three episodes in the 8th season. It would have been harder to leave if I hadn't been blind on the show. But because of those limitations, it wasn't as difficult to leave. I would go back for a reunion, but it would be a lot more fun if Mary could hit her head on a rock and get her sight back!