Melissa Vella

Melissa Vella


Springfield, Pennsylvania

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  • Melissa is my favorite dancer not just because she used to teach me which she did or because she's absolutly the nicest person I know but because shes such a great dancer and deserves to win.moreless

    If anyone deserves to win on this show it's Melissa because I go to the same studio she used to dance in and she still teaches there and I know how deticated to dancing she is. Melissa is trained in tap, ballet, jazz, lyrical, and hip-hop. When she went to the show you can obviously see that she is also amazing in the mambo which her and her partner Ryan got a standing ovation from the judges and the crowd. Last night again her and her partner Ryan who she picked again did some kind of slasa dancing and again they were the performance of the night even one of the judges gave a standing ovation again. Melissa is such a great person and she deserves to win this compitition. This would be odd but if she made it in the bottom 6 which I hope to God never happens please please I beg you... vote for her because se's just simply the best!!moreless