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Melody Perkins

Melody Perkins


1/28/1974, Weisbaden, Germany

Birth Name

Melody Lynn Perkins



Also Known As

Melody Lynn Perkins
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Melody Lynn Perkins was born in Weisbaden, Germany in January 28, 1974; she was raised in Sacramento, California. Melody is 5'6" or 5'7", her eyes are green, and her hair is blonde. Melody's favorite food is Chinese. Her hobbies are dancing, modeling, acting, reading plays. Melody likes all…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • She was the reason I watched Power Rangers. lol But wasn't she on "The Fifth Element" as one of the flight attendants?

    One of the cutest actresses ever. She's just gorgeous I love everything she did. She was the reason I watched Power Rangers. lol

    I even wished that I was "Dewey" on "Malcolm in The Middle"!! ;p

    One question though, wasn't she on "The Fifth Element" as one of the flight attendants? I could be mistakin'though. She wasn't credited for it on IMDB but I just wanted to make sure. It was a very small role with no words.

    Hope to see her in more roles. She is totally underrated in my opinion. :/ I don't know why she's not in any of the teen movies around. I think she can easily compete with Jaime Pressly and the like of other hot actresses. Good luck Melody!!moreless
  • Melody has always been a fav of mine..even before i wrecked her alfa!

    Life is a funny thing... years back we talked about the path we dreamed our lives would take us. many years have passed she went her way i went mine. lost track of her until a short time ago. while serching for something my chilren could watch, i crossed over a re-run (malcom in the middle?)when POP hey its melonhead!.. had to google ya to find out if that really was you! Hope all is well in your life and it was a plesant supprise tohave seen my first love on the telly..years later it still seemed to make my wife a tad jelous!!

    take care