Melora Hardin

Melora Hardin


6/29/1967, Houston, Texas. USA

Birth Name

Melora Diane Hardin



Also Known As

Melora Hardine
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Melora Hardin is known as one of the stars on The Office, NBC's hit TV show, as Steve Carrell's hard-nosed boss/on again, off again love interest. On the big screen Melora can be seen in Thank You for Smoking, The Hot Chick, Absolute Power and Soul Man to…more


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    • Melora: (on the differences between her and her The Office character Jan) Well, Jan is extremely different from me, but I identify with a lot of her struggles, everyone has struggles in their life. In terms of through your twenties and figuring out who you are, I think she's a little late in that process. She's spent so much time climbing the corporate ladder that she didn't have time to really look inwardly at all and figure out who she is, and I think she's amping up to get ready to do that.

    • Melora: If there's anything else you can do and be happy, do it. If this is the only thing you can do and be happy, then that's the reason to do it. Otherwise, don't do it.

    • Melora: The Office is pretty unique. I don't know if there's going to be enough for it to go for 30 years, but I do think it will go for a few years for sure and if it does go for 30 years, that would be pretty miraculous.

    • Melora: (referring to "The Office") I think that most people are very casual about it, maybe excited. They like the show, people really love the show, so I think that when they see me, that makes them think of the show that they love.

    • Melora: A lot of times women on television are very flat and one dimensional, so it would have to working with someone who can write women the way they write Jan in The Office. Just somebody who would be complex and exciting – sexy – flawed – hot – imperfect and struggling.

    • Melora: I think there's something really charming and really funny and really universal about just being able to reflect on your own journey.

    • Melora: I believe the bumper sticker "Born to Perform" was made just for me! I've been writing songs all my life. My mom says I wrote my first song when I was two.

    • Melora: (on her being a dress-fiend) There's something really sexy about having that breeze around your legs and not feeling constricted.

    • Melora: I think that that character that is my songstress personality was one I worked long and hard to find when I was in my early stages of being a singer-songwriter. I was trying to find a voice that was really mine and felt right for me.

    • Melora: Sometimes I like to be classic and other times I like to be wild and edgy. I'm not the kind of person you'll see in black every day, that's for sure. I wear clothes that excite me.

    • Melora: I think the basic thing about making a movie on an extremely low budget like I did, there's really no time to think of anything other than getting the job done. You can't indulge any feelings of frustration. anger or concern or pettiness in any way. It's mostly like petal to the metal – nose to the grindstone thing, and that's what you're doing.

    • Melora: (on directing "StripSearch") I have to say it was a hugely fulfilling and satisfying experience to feel like all of your gifts are needed and wanted and required in every moment of every day.

    • Melora: (on the characters of "The Office") That's why they're so appealing, because people can really see themselves in each character in different ways.

    • Melora: (on the writers' strike) I do agree with them that they need to be looking at the web because the web is the future of this business and nobody really knows exactly how deep those pockets are going to get, but eventually things are going to change and the way that we watch television today is virtually over soon.

    • Melora: (on her character in "The Office") I think just the way she has unraveled is kind of like the writers seeing something in me that I bring to the part and then me taking what they give me and being surprised by what they give me and it's a wonderful dance, kind of a collaborative little dance that we do together.

  • Very talented actress with a wide range and a pretty nice singing voice as well.

    I've been a fan of Melora Hardin since I first saw her in 'Cover Me: Based on the True Life of an FBI Family' back in 2000. I've since seen her in the movie 'Seven Girlfriends' with Tim Daly, the 'Monk' television series, where she plays the lead character's long-deceased wife, and now I get to see her frequently on 'The Office' with Steve Carrell. Melora manages to have great onscreen chemistry with all of her co-stars, male or female, young or old, which is no mean feat! In 'Seven Girlfriends', her acting as well as singing talent is showcased. It turns out Melora has a very nice voice—as does Tim Daly, which came as a big surprise. I always look forward to opportunities to watch Melora onscreen.moreless