Melrose Bickerstaff

Melrose Bickerstaff


San Francisco, California

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Melissa Rose Bickerstaff


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Melrose was a contestant on Cycle 7 of America's Next Top Model. Eventhough she wasn't a fan favorite, or a favorite among the other girls, she proved to be a strong model. Melrose had several challenge wins and beautiful photographs but in the end the judges were afraid…more


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    • Melrose: I am in love with the fashion industry. I think of it as a form of art, and I just want to be part of it.

    • Melrose: It was great to make it to the final two, and it was even better to finish second in a way, because now I have the freedom to do whatever I want. I'm a winner to my family and friends and to everybody in my life who knows, loves and supports me. So I couldn't have come out of this better. I'm grateful for everything that has happened to me, and I have no ill feelings toward anybody in the house. I even wish CariDee nothing but the best!

    • Melrose: I'm not going to say that I competed better than CariDee because that is not my place to say, but to my friends and my family I am the winner. For me that's enough.

    • Tyra Banks (Speaking about Melrose's attitude during the first photo shoot): I'm just so disappointed in her performance on the set. And to be talking back to Mr. Jay and flipping out and blaming this and blaming that. It's like, "Honey, this is the first week. You could be cut like that." If you're a bitch...hide it.

    • Melrose (After losing ANTM): I'm pissed. I've put my heart and soul into this, and it wasn't enough. And I got called a ***** the whole way through it and it sucks. And I feel really misunderstood and I'm sad.

  • Melrose Bickerstaff was born in San Fransisco. She has won challenge after challenge. She competed against Caridee in a Barcelona fashion show as a zombie bride. Not only did she lose the America's Next Top Model title but she lost the blond battle.moreless

    I really don't like Melrose Bickerstaff. This girl is a fake bimbo. She is always whining and complaining about everything. I totally agreed with Caridee on the comment that she made about Melrose. Don't get me wrong, she can model, do runway walks and Covergirl commercials, however, her personality is way too "white trash". She always have to be the center of attention. She has no class. I am really glad that this girl was not America's Next Top Model. If this tramp was America's Next Top Model, the producers would have to change this cycle to America's Next Top Skank: Melrose Edition. Caridee was a great choice was a great choice for America's Next Top Model because she is more natural and bubbly but not fake bubbly like Melrose.moreless
  • Melrose fought it all, but not enough

    Melrose was the second person out of the top three that I rooted for after Eugena lost. She was like so mean to Caridee at home, the photoshoot and at the runway. She doesn't have sympathy, but when she's at the bottom like her first photoshoot she's desparate and crying. I do admire her courage to go on but she is fake and really overanalyzes. She takes great pictures but some of them like the covergirl shoot, she thinks too much. She has a great knowledge of fashion but she doesn't like her makeover and sometimes I wish she had sympathy for people. she still rocked the runway.moreless