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    • Mena: (on her search to find a wedding dress to cover her tatoos) I think it would be considerate to Simone's [Sestito] family to have my tattoos covered, since there are two Catholic nuns on his mother's side of the family.

    • Mena (about filming American Pie 2): I was really excited to see how it was all going to work out with everybody coming back and just really excited to do it. I thought it'd be fun.

    • Mena (about her character in the movie Beauty Shop): I kind of wish Joanne had a little dog that she brought around everywhere. That would be kind of cool. But Joanne is like the stereotypical female ideal. Not that I agree with, but the super blonde big breasted. I mean, Joanne is just completely skewed.

    • Mena (about working with Queen Latifah): She just was wonderful. I remember going in and meeting Bille [Woodruff, the director] and then later coming back and meeting her. And it was a little intimidating. I mean, she's fabulous, but just so cool and just made the set so relaxed. She's so supportive of everything that we did and was really just like we were all there together and just one of us. There was never any kind of hierarchy on the set.

    • Mena (about Rob Reiner): He's such an amazing, talented director because he knows exactly what he wants but he is so easygoing on set. He's a very strong, opinionated man.

    • Mena (about playing a Paris Hilton-like character): Well, yeah, I could see that and I kind of mentioned that in one interview - and she's going to come kill me. She's going to come after me now, send people after me. It's not the same. But I guess the really long blonde hair is somewhat similar.

    • Mena (about Jennifer Aniston): Well we're both Greek, which is a shoe-in right there. But you know when we met, it just was really easy. We ended up sharing stories about our past, our childhood and our upbringing, that it just kind of happened.

    • Mena (about the movie Rumor Has It): Everybody was so passionate about this film and there to support one another, and there to have a great time, and it just worked.

    • Mena (about Jennifer Aniston): She has such a warm, down to earth, easygoing personality that you can't help but open yourself up to her.

    • Mena (about starring on Rumor Has It): Honestly I just had such a blast working on this film.

    • Mena (about feeling like an outsider): I think it's really just about you kind of get to the point where you start to question your decisions and who you really are and what's important to you.

    • Mena (about working with director Rob Reiner): It was very much the same spirit that Jennifer [Aniston] has - just so easygoing and everything just flowed.

    • Mena (about her character in Rumor Has It): She doesn't attack life. I think Annie, if anything, runs away from life because she just keeps piling more and more on top of it. The horseback riding and the tennis and everything is so perfect and kind of cookie cutter, and that's when she kind of breaks and snaps and questions all of her decisions because she doesn't know what she's doing.

    • Mena: So there were many times where I'd bring things to read or things to do and we'd just never get past that because I would always just be talking with my stylist about like everything, about her baby and what we're going to do and all kinds of stuff. I'm just there for a long part of the day. I just have to book that whole day out if it's a salon.

    • Mena (about spending time at a beauty salon): No matter how much I try to get out of there quicker, I just always end up being there for a long part of the day. Especially when I was blonde. My God, I'd have to go every two weeks and it was just like the color and the toner and then washing and just crazy.

    • Mena: This film is like blindingly blonde.

    • Mena: I love doing things that are different from what I've done before. I don't want to do always the same thing. I always said that I never wanted to just do the pretty girl role, that's it. I wanted meaty roles. I definitely have to love the story but also I have to love the character. That's about it for me.

    • Mena: I think what life's about is every day learning more and more about yourself. That's how you can kind of approach everything else that comes at you.

    • Mena: I had been a huge fan of the Barbershop films and was really excited they're finally doing the female version.

    • Mena: When I worked on this film, I worked on another right afterwards where I had to be blonde, so I was just gone for so long and I really just wanted a change, so I just decided to do it, just change it up. It was not working for me. Too blonde.

    • Mena: My mom is obsessed with Aloe Vera. It's all about Aloe Vera. Like first thing out of the shower, Aloe Vera, Aloe Vera. So I remember that was something that I took upon very young. I love to do it as natural as I can. I don't try to pile it on. I feel like I get enough of that when I'm working or going to an event or something like that. So it's just nice to be really fresh and clean, with a freshly washed face.

    • Mena: You can't know because everybody's got a different opinion and you might think 'Oh my God, this is amazing,' and people don't get it. You always take a risk with comedy.

    • Mena: I don't go into things by how are they going to do, it's more about if I'm going to enjoy myself. That's the most important thing I think, you should enjoy your work. Because if you're not, what's the point? You should have fun with it. That's just the attitude that I take. You know, love the story, it's different, maybe if I'm saying something.

    • Mena: Though I've turned 21, I don't drink. I'm an old hag now.

    • Mena: Sometimes I don't feel like the person that I'm supposed to be. I don't feel like I deserve any of this.