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Mercedes McNab

Mercedes McNab


3/14/1980, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Birth Name

Mercedes Alicia McNab


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Mercedes Alicia McNab, now in her mid-twenties, is an only child. She has been acting professionally since she was 10, and her best known film role is probably as the girl scout in the Addams Family and its sequel. She has also appeared in the films Savage Landmore


Trivia and Quotes

  • Cute actress from buffy/Angel.

    Mercedes McNab is more popularly known as inept Vampire Harmony Kendall in the Buffy and Angel Franchise, but she has done so much more. She was two characters in the Addams Family Films of the 90's (could be possible same person but highly doubful) and was also int he series Harry and the Hendersons and mroe recently, Crossing Jordan. She is very attractive, and could do more for herself screen time wise. She has not made that many films, but her character in Buffy and Angel could typecast her as a stereotypical blonde, hope she gets to do more, and stand out mroemoreless
  • She is hot that's it

    I don't like her very well, What I mean is the chracter she plays, Harmony seems to get on my nerves pretty easy at times, especially in Season 5 when she comes. She was a young girl that Spike turned into a vampire, and is supposed to be very annoying and she plays it well. 6 out of 10 to the chracter 8 out of 10 for her being hot.