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    • Meredith Brooks: (about her career) I had my dysfunctions, but music gave me peace and joy. I never felt in tune with the world. My parents always saw me as an artist, and that greatly influenced me. My art was my autonomy.

    • Meredith Brooks: In the song (Shine), I say, 'When there's nothing but no, and there's nowhere to go, you find a way'...and I did. Thanks to this extraordinary opportunity with Dr. Phil, both 'Shine' and the other songs are being given a chance in a new format which perfectly fits where my life is at these days.

    • Meredith Brooks: You don't realize till you get here what a moment in history you're a part of.

    • Meredith Brooks: The Graces was a great experience; it's great working with women, but we weren't put together in an organic way, and I think that's why we didn't stay together. There wasn't that natural friendship.