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  • When will Meredith Monroe get the happy ending she deserves?

    Why does the character's Meredith plays' never get the happy ending? Poor Meredith always gets the raw deals when playing one half of a couple. First it was on Dawson Creak when she was pair with Pacey. In the first series Pacey was really annoying and James was always the better catch out of the two until the second series when the writers paired him with Andie and they became a really cute couple. Her character brought all the best qualities out of him and the writers decide they are going to break them up and pair him with Joey and he becomes annoying again. And honestly the storyline that she cheated on him never really made sense as she hung on Pacey every word; it was always him chasing other women. Now its happened again with Hotch, she plays the dutiful wife waiting for him to be part of the family they planned together and to spend time with her and Jack when his job gets her killed and now the writers are pairing him up with Emily and you know that's not going to work. The only reason why Hotch was sexy was because he was this great family man who deep down wanted what Haley wanted a perfect family and a loving home and now the writers have just made him a typical self absorbed man who loves the play the victim. The storyline is trying to get the viewers to feel sorry for him but he just come across selfish, never once when she left him or when she died did he have an emotions about what he was losing and she was suppose to be the love of his life. It just goes to show how easily men can replace women in their lives. Maybe one day she will get to play the woman who gets the happy ending, and I don't get why the writers never see it because Dawson Creek started to lose rating by the third series and Criminal Minds is on the verge of people losing interest.