Meredith Vieira





12/30/1953 , Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Birth Name

Meredith Louise Vieira




A Native Providence, Rhode Island girl, Meredith Vieira is a well-known television personality and has graced our homes on the small screen for over twenty-five years. Meredith has been on all three major networks for a great amount of time, first on CBS. Meredith's first on-screen job was as the Chicago Correspondent for CBS. Moving up the ladder, Meredith correspondend for CBS's major news magazines such as 60 Minutes. After CBS, Meredith had an unsuccessful news role on ABC for four years until she got the job of which she is so widely recognized for, her role for seven years on The View. Meredith also took over for Regis Philbin as host of the popular syndicated version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?. Hearing Katie Couric's announcement to leave The Today Show Meredith waved bye-bye to The View ladies and joined Matt Lauer to co-host the NBC news magazine, as she currently does.

Meredith now juggles being a wife, news anchor and mother with her three children Ben, Gabe, and Lily and hubby Richard Cohen.
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