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  • The show isn't the same without Meridith

    Still like the show questions, etc. but her replacement makes me sick. Loud, obnoxious, rude to not even remove his hat plus using slang all the time. They could have chosen so many good hosts, how did they get him/???
  • Not bad but not great.

    Nice enough. Just I don't watch her.
  • A little late, but... I have to say I'm confused at the public's reaction to M.Vieira on the Today's show....

    A little late, but... I have to say I'm confused at the public's reaction to M.Vieira on the Today's show. Especially after making a terrible fool of herself on "Millionaire" with that poor boy from the gosh! How would anyone have respect for this woman?! It's one thing to make a fool of yourself on your OWN time, but to bring along a cast of hundreds of thousands of people who watch "Millionaire" and felt for her the embarrassment Vieira, herself, should have been feeling!I think there may be something wrong with her...not only that, she's NOT attractive!!
  • Meeting her was well a pleasure I'll leave it at that!She always had a way about her?She'll know what that means :-)~ One nutty person full of get up and go."Don't tell me that you love me but" yeh and what did i do told her that I did.

    We had a few good times and a few bad times.All in all she always had a way of making people smile :-) Getting engaged to her however wasn't the smartest thing I ever did?Not sure I ever should have put a ring on her finger and asked her to marry me?I didn't know who she really was at that time.Lets just say It wasn't one of the smartest things i've done in my life.Nor was having a child with her?There are a few people out there that are scratching there heads saying what is he crazy or something?We'll till you've been put threw the mereidth ringer like I was then you'll know what its like.Two million dollars "poof" she was gone.She's a very sneeky person one day she's there,Then she's gone?.Like I said she's a very hard working person that really should slow down.You need a break mereidth,Hope she retires soon.Think there was a few jelouse people of myself because her and I did get along as well as we did.I hate people that try coming between the people that they care about.Its a shame there are people out there that have to cause problems for old friends like us.Always did care about her always will nothing will ever change that.However it would have been nice to meet the kids?Can't stand people who cause trouble over nothing more then money.Thats why I gave her and her family the number to my trust fund account it was for the kids!Hope they put it to good use and did something good with it?Hope your ok kido ;-) Duane
  • role model for women !

    I first saw Meredith on tv in 1997. I was living in the US due to an University Student Exchange Programm.
    When me and my roommates didn't have class we would watch 'the View'. We loved it!

    I particularly noticed Meredith Vieira and thought she was very intelligent, beautiful and OMG soooo funny !
    I only knew her from 'The View' but now, thanks to YouTube, I can catch some scenes from WWTBAM and The Today Show.

    Too bad she is only to be seen on american TV and not in Europe, but I guess the internet makes up for it.
    To sum up, I think she's a very talented, smart, clever, gorgeous woman and a role model for all women out there !
  • Probably the best one on The View

    I think Meredith Vieria is a great woman, an inspiration! She's the current host of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and she probably the best cast member of The View. She's also pretty cute for 53. ;D I don't know why she's the lowest rated person on my Favorite People list. She needed to be more appreciated. She does a great job hosting Millionaire. And she connects with people like friends do. I like that about her. And like me, she knows even $1,000 is a lot of money. She's a great person who people need to appreciate more. She gets an A for everything she's in. Love her!
  • Perfect replacement for Katie Couric

    Initially, I didn't like the idea of anyone ever replacing the great Katie Couric. Coming from the other side of the Pacific Ocean, I never even heard of the name Meredith Vieira until it was announced that she would be the new Today co-anchor. At first I was hesitant to check her out, being a Katie fan. But I guess Meredith, with her own intellect and charm, grew in me. I think she's doing a great job on the show, as if she just fits herself into the family. Now I just watch the first two hours of the show because of her. Keep it up, Meredith!
  • I'm impressed.

    I don't watch the Today Show (not a morning person), but I watched Meredith on the Tonight Show. I have to say I think she is a sincere, talented, down-to-earth person who I think, and hope, should go far. Best wishes. Keep up the good work. My best friend has MS; it's tough.
  • Cute, charming, smart, funny, easy-going, all-in-all perfect Katie Couric replacement.

    I love Meredith and i'm not just saying that because i'm editor for her! No really she's perfect for the Today show since she's sweet and happy and does remind me of Katie Couric alot. I had no trouble warming up to waking up with her. She had this one thing on today with Al and it was so funny. Get to know Al or something and they played Hangman and she made the anwser "Al is a jerk" and alot of other stuff. I think she fit in just nicely with her other hosts and I can only wish her the best with her hosting duties. I fell warm and not like she's talking as a job or for money but just to tell the news with a bit of fun that we've grown to love on Today. Go Meredith!
  • Born in Hawthorne, California. 39 yrs old with 2 children. Never married. Been a machinist for 21 yrs. Reside in Denver, Colorado

    Meredith, you are main reason i watch the view. All of you are so funny together. I watch to hear what your going to say next, cause you never know whats going to come out of your mouth. You talk about SEX, SEX, SEX and i love it. This will surely be missed because you will have to be so proper on the Today show. Dont think for a minute that i wont be watching, waiting for you to say something outrageous. Best of luck to you. You truly will be missed by so many of your loyal fans who love the way that you say exactly whats on your mind. Now you have to go into overdrive at The View and get crazy with sex. CONGRATULATIONS!!! P.S. Can i get an autographed picture? LOVE YA, Tamara Ward
  • Meredith Vieira

    I love your hair now,the color and style,you go girl! I\\\\\\\'m going to do mine like that as soon as it grows alittle bit more.Love your show and all on it.Who does your hair? Do you have a recent picture of yourself now? The one I seen was with darker hair and I\\\\\\\'d like to see one now with the light in it. Thanks for listening Helen Hill Of Uppermarlboro,Maryland
  • A beautiful lady with limitless and diverse talents.

    Meredith Vieria has shown just how talented she is as the host of the syndicated "Millionaire". She is so funny that the contestants can't help but feel comfortable, even though I'm sure they are quite nervous in that hot seat. As the leader of "The View", she's got me watching whenever I can. Girl talk never sounded so appealing to guys! Is she really 54?