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  • Born in Hawthorne, California. 39 yrs old with 2 children. Never married. Been a machinist for 21 yrs. Reside in Denver, Colorado

    Meredith, you are main reason i watch the view. All of you are so funny together. I watch to hear what your going to say next, cause you never know whats going to come out of your mouth. You talk about SEX, SEX, SEX and i love it. This will surely be missed because you will have to be so proper on the Today show. Dont think for a minute that i wont be watching, waiting for you to say something outrageous. Best of luck to you. You truly will be missed by so many of your loyal fans who love the way that you say exactly whats on your mind. Now you have to go into overdrive at The View and get crazy with sex. CONGRATULATIONS!!! P.S. Can i get an autographed picture? LOVE YA, Tamara Ward