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  • Cute, charming, smart, funny, easy-going, all-in-all perfect Katie Couric replacement.

    I love Meredith and i'm not just saying that because i'm editor for her! No really she's perfect for the Today show since she's sweet and happy and does remind me of Katie Couric alot. I had no trouble warming up to waking up with her. She had this one thing on today with Al and it was so funny. Get to know Al or something and they played Hangman and she made the anwser "Al is a jerk" and alot of other stuff. I think she fit in just nicely with her other hosts and I can only wish her the best with her hosting duties. I fell warm and not like she's talking as a job or for money but just to tell the news with a bit of fun that we've grown to love on Today. Go Meredith!