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  • Meeting her was well a pleasure I'll leave it at that!She always had a way about her?She'll know what that means :-)~ One nutty person full of get up and go."Don't tell me that you love me but" yeh and what did i do told her that I did.

    We had a few good times and a few bad times.All in all she always had a way of making people smile :-) Getting engaged to her however wasn't the smartest thing I ever did?Not sure I ever should have put a ring on her finger and asked her to marry me?I didn't know who she really was at that time.Lets just say It wasn't one of the smartest things i've done in my life.Nor was having a child with her?There are a few people out there that are scratching there heads saying what is he crazy or something?We'll till you've been put threw the mereidth ringer like I was then you'll know what its like.Two million dollars "poof" she was gone.She's a very sneeky person one day she's there,Then she's gone?.Like I said she's a very hard working person that really should slow down.You need a break mereidth,Hope she retires soon.Think there was a few jelouse people of myself because her and I did get along as well as we did.I hate people that try coming between the people that they care about.Its a shame there are people out there that have to cause problems for old friends like us.Always did care about her always will nothing will ever change that.However it would have been nice to meet the kids?Can't stand people who cause trouble over nothing more then money.Thats why I gave her and her family the number to my trust fund account it was for the kids!Hope they put it to good use and did something good with it?Hope your ok kido ;-) Duane