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  • Merlin OLsen was a part of the legandary "Fearsome Foursome. In the Pro Bowl for 14 years, he displayed class as a person on and off the field. This quality transfered very well to TV.

    Merlin Olsen on TV provided the viewers with a trendomous quality. A giant physical person, who also provided a very likable, trustworthy character. Big in physical stature, but humble in character. Was he a quality actor or just being himself or a combination of both, is up for debate. When he was on screen his performancw was a joy, just like his playing days for the Rams. His performance as Johnathan Garvey on "Little House on the Praire" and on "Father Murphy" seemed flawless; very belivable characters. A quality he provided was a character that a person can rely on, someone you would want advise from.