Merrin Dungey

Merrin Dungey


8/6/1971, Sacramento, California, USA

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Merrion Dungey
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Francie on the ABC Television Network's Alias. She was born on August 6, in Sacramento, California. Merrin Dungey (pronounced DUN-JEE) has been performing all her life. She started at the age of four with ballet and danced all the way into her teens. She performed in piano recitals…more


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    • Merrin guested on Grosse Pointe, during its first and only season. She was playing Joan, in 4 episodes.

    • Merrin is about to star in 2006 in the action movie Vendetta, as Latisha Watkins.

    • Merrin guest starred in The West Wing, as Daisy, back in September 1999.

    • Merrin's longest recurring role is on The King of Queens, where she is Kelly Palmer. She is playing there since 1999, the 1st season, and until nowadays, the 9th season.

    • Merrin had a recurring role on Malcolm in the Middle, as Kitty Kenarban, Stevie's mother, in 2000-2001.

    • Merrin guested in numerous TV hit shows: Friends, Seinfeld, Murphy Brown, City of Angels, and ER.

    • Merrin is an actress and stand-up comedian. She has also appeared in the Montreal Comedy Festival, and in Premium Blend for Comedy Central.

    • After Merrin's success in HBO's Black Like Who?, she signed in William Morris Agency.

    • Merrin has complained that since Francie Calfo (her role on Alias) is not aware of Sydney's (Jennifer Garner's role as best friend) life as a spy, she can't take part in the action. However she got her wish in the season two finale (the Telling) when she had a huge fight scene with her co-star Jennifer Garner.

    • Merrin had a short commercials career at the age of 18, before continuing to theater studies.

    • Merrin's first cinema appearance was a small role in the hit movie Deep Impact in 1998.

    • After graduation, Merrin developed a one-woman show for HBO named Black Like Who?. That show gave her career the push to success.

    • When Merrin was 18, she hosted a local teen talk show in California.

    • Merrin started dancing ballet at the age of 4.

    • Merrin gratudated from UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and recieved a Bachelor of Arts. She is also the youngest to win an UCLA Acting Award.

    • Merrin studied acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, the legendary school.

    • Merrin's graduation was from Rio Americano High School in Sacramento, California in the year 1989.

    • Merrin is 5' 8" (1.73 m).

    • Merrin was born in Sacramento, California, USA.

    • Merrin was born on August 6, 1971.

    • Merrin Learned playing the piano, and also was an ice skater, before turning to acting.

    • Merrin starred in Summerland, the Aaron Spelling family drama, on the WB. She played Susannah Rexford.

    • Merrin was written out of Malcolm in the Middle because ABC (Alias' producers) forbade FOX to keep her in the show.

    • Merrin's character in the show Alias, Francie, was killed in the second season. However, she continued to star in the show as Allison, a woman whose appearance has been changed to look like Francie. Allison is from the evil side, and is a foe of Sydney Bristow.

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    I know her from her time on Alias, which was a great thing to watch her character have to go through. Spoilers for Alias follow for those of you who might want to click away from this before I get to into it. What they had her character do - play a hero and a villian in a blink of an eye was great. I loved the fact that it wasnt your classic good girl > bad girl, she was good right up until the end and then she turned bad with one of the most explosive episodes in Alias history. I thought her character was underused quite a bit in season 1 and would have liked to seen her and Will devolop something at the end of season 1 instead of having little to no scenes while they were "together" in season 2. When she came back as a guest star in seasons 4 and 5 I remembered why seaosns 1+2 of Alias were so amazing. I really missed her character once she left the show, but she left her mark while she was there.moreless